New Feature: Expanded Organization Template

Feature BannerIt’s bigger! It’s better! It’s got more things!

Anvilities, the Organization Template got an expansion! We added the Geopolitical tab to beef up your organizations more than before. Listen to the amazing Janet below to learn more about it!

This new tab has a series of new prompts, aiming to help you build the Nations and Kingdoms of your worlds! The screenshot below is just a portion of the multitude of prompts now available to you.

In addition, you now have the ability to use an image from your image gallery as the crest/flag of your organization as well as add a motto! You can find these sections under the Basic tab.

We can’t wait to see what you all add to your Organizations! Forge on Anvilities!

I’m a programmer by day and artist by night. I’m also the co-author and editor for a science fantasy novel and world called Eternity. I love to support the creative endeavors of others!

I am part of the World Anvil community team! Find me on Discord @Sai#7322

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