Enhancement: BBCode [p] Tag

Enhancement BannerWe’ve made BBCode extra shiny!


We’ve added [p] [/p] BBcode to create paragraphs into your work. Leaving an empty line within the [p] tag will add an empty line in between your blocks of text (as seen in the example below).

Also a note for guild members! You can adjust the line spacing automatically generated by leaving an empty line on the editor on your css by adjusting the height of this CSS section:

Remember to check your work before you start adding [p]’s and make sure this is what you want!

I’m a programmer by day and artist by night. I’m also the co-author and editor for a science fantasy novel and world called Eternity. I love to support the creative endeavors of others!

I am part of the World Anvil community team! Find me on Discord @Sai#7322

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