As most of you know, World Anvil offers a multi-tiered paid subscription service that we call the Guild. Payments range as low as $4 usd a month (or $48 usd a year)- all the way up to $12 usd (or $144 usd a year).

What’s the Guild Do?

Joining the Guild gives you access to a lot of really amazing features meant augment the basic World Anvil toolset… Including subscriber groups, the ability to make your worlds and articles private, extra storage space, the ability to add co authors, and more. These different benefits scale with each tier you purchase- like the Sage tier’s ability to whitelabel their worlds.

While most of these extra bells and whistles are tier locked at different levels, however? Our most popular tool that all Guild members have access to remains the ability to use custom Css.

The Heck Is CSS?

Css is a super simple coding language the tells webpage how to look when you view them. And as far as coding languages go, it’s incredibly easy to learn. Utilizing it can really make your world stand out among the millions of worlds on World Anvil.

Not every World Anvil user has the time to learn Css, though- or the brain for it… I know I cerstainly struggle with it- and I’m often called a Css Wizard! But that’s why we offer a selection of pre-made themes for Guild members, that way everyone can access it regardless of skill level.

Each of our pre-made themes are created by other World Anvil users from the community. They come in a range of styles suitable for different genres- and installing them is as simple as 1, 2, 3; simply navigate to your world configuration dashboard, select one of our themes from the drop down located on the “Themes & Styling” tab, and save the changes! you can even modify them on your own if you know a little code, just by using the other tools we provide for custom Css.

Originally there were ten themes available to any Guild member who wanted to use them. We’re proud to announce today, though, that World Anvil has released eight new themes!

Are you excited to see them?

If you’re as excited as I am to check out the new themes, strap in! We have some great new designs to show you- and we’re sure you’ll find something that you love for your world.

Deadhause theme by TJ

Deadhause Sonata was created by TJ the Worldbuilding Wizard (and true CSS master) for Apocalypse 333 in anticipation of their new game with the same name.

Deven Rue theme by TJ

Another theme created by TJ for Deven Rue to show off her amazing mapmaking! A great addition for all the cartography enthusiasts on World Anvil- and boy, are there a lot of you.

Great GM theme by TJ

Another TJ Creation meant to imitate the look of Guy the Great GM‘s book, The Complete Guide to Creating Epic Campaigns; consider utilizing this theme for framing the setting of your next campagin- and picking up his amazing guide while you’re at it!

Saltmarsh theme by TJ

TJ is at it again with Saltmarsh- our first aquatic themed… Well… Theme! This one was designed for Guy the Great GM‘s ‘Ghosts of Saltmarsh‘ liveplay D&D campaign. And be on the lookout for the accompanying book- coming soon! 

Sirens theme by TJ

TJ designed this theme for Satine Phoenix and her new game Sirens. whose world is now hosted on world anvil; check out this show about an all Bard Band from the collaborative art studio Gilding Light, and show your support through this beautiful theme!

SummerCamp ’19 by TJ

Relive World Anvil Summer Camp 2019 memories every day with this iconic theme designed (once again) by our CSS guru TJ! Doesn’t it just evoke those yummy summer senses? You can almost hear the waves crashing against the beach.

Dungeons & Dragons by oneriwien

Craving that good ole Player’s Handbook feel, but just not getting it from World Anvil’s default theme? The wonderful Oneriwien, CSS master and enchanter extraordinaire, delivers what you need with this new theme- which pays a proper homage to that classic D&D aesthetic.

whiteout by TJ

Fan of blank walls and hospital rooms? Our last theme created by TJ, Whiteout is ideal for a fuss-free look that shows off all of your gorgeous art without distraction; wonderfully simple and minimalistic- and does not, in fact, need more cowbell.

We are extremely proud and impressed with what these creators have developed so far, and we wish these new themes help you design the world you want to build on!

Do you have a favorite new theme? Do you have any theme ideas of your own? Let us know with a comment below– or join our Discord server and give us a shout there!