After a solid and much-needed vacation, the rejuvenated Dimtris is back in action! The last two weeks were filled with many guild related features and enhancements! Many of these are related to customizing the look and feel of your world’s presentation as well as your personal navigational preference. Here is the development update rollup for mid-September!

New Features for Your World Homepage

Presentation World Map

For guild members belonging to the Grandmasters+ tiers, you are now able to select the main map of your world and have it appear on each of your worlds pages. Show off your most beautiful map and give viewers the ability to fluidly navigate your world like never before!

Wait..there’s more!

Custom World Homepage Column Content

You can also add anything you want on the top of the columns at your worlds homepage. From quotes to images to music, frame your world with the first impression you want to give readers!

Calendar: Labs Release

A new Labs v.0.2 Release Candidate is now live and available to Inner Sanctum+ guild members to play and experiment with! However, the current functionality of this feature is not yet finalized until Ademal has found and ironed out the buggies. Let us know if you find any! Find the Calendars widget on your left sidebar and try it out!

Customize Display Widgets

Campaign Display

Guild Members now are able to choose if they want to display the list of Campaigns AND the list of Heroes/Characters on their Worlds homepage. We understand not everyone has a campaign or characters they are actively engaging with, so streamline your sidebar with these new customization options!

Social Media Widgets

Not really into social media? Feel free to completely disable the Facebook, Twitter and Reddit sharing buttons from your worlds and articles!

Article Tooltip Enhancement

After popular request, Guild members have the ability to disable the article tooltips globally on their world. If you do an excerpt minor tooltip, it will still appear if an excerpt is in place.

Quality-of-Life Enhancements

Quickly access your active Character’s sheet from the left hand side menu of your character!

Click anywhere on the side panels on the article’s edit page to expand them. No longer do you have to aim only for the arrow! 
That’s all we have for the development update rollup for now. Check back again under Development News at the end of the month for another rollup of updates for September! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also check out our previous development update rollup for the end of August to catch up on any news you may have missed!