If you haven’t been hiding in your cozy little worldbuilding and session playing hole you should know by now that GM Binder is halfway through a very exciting Kickstarter project which aims to revolutionize the way the creators of RPG supplements, create and distribute their content.

It goes without saying that both myself and Janet are very excited to see Levi’s and his teams’ work come to life. World Anvil’s focus was always the creation, management and interactive digital presentation of your amazing content, and both of us, strongly believe that there is SO MUCH MORE for us to do in these fields.

On the other hand, since day one GM Binder focused on making sure that your homebrew ideas and thoughts for your classes, races, rules etc are presented in the most beautiful way possible when printed or when sold on any of the digital publishing platforms like DriveThruRPG or the DMGuild.

I am pretty sure that you already know where I am driving at with this but… let me elaborate.

The new system the guys at GM Binder are hoping to develop with this Kickstarter will bring their current system up several notches with adding a variety of new features to the platform that aims to make editing and publishing of documents, faster, easier and most certainly even more pretty than it currently is.

Features like the ability to collaborate on your work with others and get feedback, have your own profile that you can advertise your world and have the chance to be discovered are just the very beginning and you know very well that these are things we really believe in as well.

Wouldn’t be cool if…

… You were able to get your work from World Anvil sent to GM Binder so you can export it in a beautifully crafted PDF format and publish it in a storable format? Well, I am guessing the answer is “YES” … and we both thought the same thing as well. I always promised you better exporting and this will still be coming in the form of plain text and JSON, but GM Binder will also give us the opportunity to get the hard work you’ve done out of World Anvil and easily imported into GM Binder.

EVEN MORE SO, How awesome would it be if your beautifully crafted PDFs could leverage World Anvil’s interactive maps, blocks, and monetization tools? Well, with integration like this we will be able to provide you with QR codes and links to said maps from your PDFs, so with a click of a button you will be able to go from the image of your map on a PDF to the interactive version of it on your World Anvil world.

I really want to believe that this is the beginning of a new era where people who love the worldbuilding, roleplaying and writing and create software will be working closely together to provide you with the BEST solutions possible to make your life easier and allow your creativity to flourish!

Do you have any cool ideas of how else we could be working together? Let me know in the comments below!

So what are you waiting for!  Go check out the Kickstarter and give them your support