Warm greetings to you! Can you believe it’s the middle of November? It’s getting colder here, people are tackling NaNoWriMo, and tea/coffee consumption is increasing dramatically. Two weeks may seem short, but Dimitris doesn’t fail in providing lots of feature-filled goodies! Why not grab a cup of your favorite beverage and get cozy while perusing this development update rollup for mid-November!

Global text search

If you have access to EXPLORER, you’re probably aware of the awesome full text search it provides. Well…this is now implemented on the Search bar on the website’s top navigation bar! It is also functional in your world’s Presentation mode search bar for you and your readers.

Search for any word in your articles and get a link to that article!

global world announcements

Ever wanted a way to communicate to all your readers no matter where they landed in your world? Now you can under a central location! Add a piece of content that will appear in the sidebar of every single article on your world by going to your World Configuration under Display,  and fill anything you want under the GLOBAL ARTICLE CONTENT BLOCK.

Think about what kind of global announcements are meaningful to you! Advertise your books, display a DMs Guild profile, promote a project, or have your ToC accessible everywhere.

Article CSS

Change/Add a Custom Article

In our last development rollup, we introduced the new and powerful Custom Article Template feature. You can now change an article that you have set a template to or set a template to an already created article for ease of editing!

Table of contents widget

This one is for all users! Have a fully rendered version of your Worlds Table of contents by using the BBCode tag [toc] ANYWHERE in your world!  If you want the title removed or modified, there is a unique CSS class for it (world-toc-header). As you can imagine that works perfectly with the Global Articles Content Block. 

categories improvements

Continuing on the Table of Contents train, the Categories page now uses the same system as the Homepage ToC! This means it also loads the articles in the category. This makes navigating worlds even more rich and robust!

 The Table of Contents for a specific category has also been crafted into a widget! Simply use the BBCode [toc:ID] tag anywhere to provide the best navigation experience for your readers.

Last but not least, have more styling power with custom CSS classes to your categories! While editing a category, go under the Display tab and specify your classes under the Additional CSS Classes section. 

Purple Button v.2.0

Its fancier, its shinierits THE FASTEST WAY to create the most important content of your world! Click on the purple button and create Articles, Categories, Historic Events, Notes, Secrets, and TODO List Items on the fly. You are ONE click away, from ANY page, ANYWHERE (panel and presentation) to conveniently use when inspiration strikes!

back to top button

Its cute, its smol…its the new back to TOP button when you’ve had enough scrolling. 🙂

new character sheet

Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition (White World/Paradox) is now available for potential players! View the example sheet here. If you are part of the Discord and would like to give some feedback, please mention Dimitris under the #development-discussion channel or leave us a comment below!

JSON Custom variables

Grandmasters+ can use the JSON METADATA field to input json arrays into their articles. Summon these data arrays via the Custom Article Templates using the usermetadata.VAR_NAME (or in the case of deeper arrays usermetadata.VAR1.VAR2.VAR3 … ) to loop or check through them.


Although extremely powerful, it should be left alone unless you are a developer or read very carefully through the documentation (coming soon). Replay Dimitris’ live broadcast on the World Anvil Twitch channel where he shows off the feature and how it can be used with examples.

quality-of-life improvements

  • The ability to reset article dates for competition entries is back!
  • Brought the JSON entry for articles to the first panel to quickly access it, BUT removed it for articles without custom template.
  • The guild world and panel search bars got an upgrade in order to present articles matching by title first.
  • New Implementation of the Mass Subscriber addition! It has been tested with 5000 email addresses and took under 10 seconds in one go. (even less for purging) It’s safe to say that all Sages will be 100% OK to use it.

check out their latest tutorial!

Are you a curious Dungeon Master looking to see how World Anvil can enhance your campaign? Watch Dimitris and Janet’s latest Twitch broadcast as they walk through Part 2 of how you may want to utilize World Anvil for your game!

That’s all we have for the development update rollup for now. Check back again under Development News at the middle of the month for another rollup of updates for November! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also check out our previous development update rollup for end-of-October to catch up on any news you may have missed!