Happy holidays in advance! I hope all of you have been keeping healthy and happy during this chilly season. Also as a friendly reminder, check out World Anvil’s WORLDEMBER challenge and consider taking part! Unfortunately our forge master Dimitris doesn’t have time to participate, because he’s always so dedicated to bringing you the newest and innovative features! This time we have a neat feature to organize your languages, new map content, and a new character sheet. Let’s review his fabulous work, the development update rollup for mid-December!

dictionaries version 0.9

In agile fashion, Dimitris released this brand new feature available to everyone! Each Language article now has its own dictionary which allows you to add/edit your words one by one.  Or import your own CSVs for building your dictionaries even faster! This capability works beautifully with VulgarLang, a third party fantasy language generator where you can export your created languages and dictionaries as a mass CSV and use that to automatically create your dictionaries on World Anvil. There will be an indicator showing that an import is in progress if you have a rather large import. Once importing is finished the importer text area is wiped clean. Have a large dictionary but need to edit bits and pieces? SEARCH through your dictionaries while in the Edit Language mode to find the words you want to edit specifically! Everyone will also be able to search through their dictionaries via the public presentation of your world.
If you ever need to completely start from scratch, you have the ability to PURGE all words from a dictionary. While editing words, you can further customize the styling of some sections with BBCode, such as Translation and Example. The Root and Etymology sections for each word can be also be added in both the editing form or through the mass CSV importer.
Finally, use the Dictionary BBcode [dictionary:id] which renders your whole dictionary anywhere you want (such as the classic sidebar technique).

rpg character enhancements

  • The secrets written by players on the Journal entries are now visible by the storyteller of the campaign. This makes Journal Secrets a great way to communicate plans to your your GM before sessions.
  • When a character joins a campaign or a world, this character automatically gives access to their article side to the world the campaign is part of. Players will no longer have to grant access to the storyteller to edit their article. This will now be done for them automatically. When a player leaves a campaign or a world, the articles will also be automatically removed from that world.

new Map pins

This is the first batch of the newFlat” set of pins for your maps in both light and dark variants. See these pins live here with a map from Melior!
  • Bridge
  • Camp, Tipi
  • Camp, Tent
  • Castle
  • Church
  • City
  • Farm
  • House
  • Houses
  • Mine, Cart
  • Mine, Pickaxe
  • Port
  • Ruin, Tower
  • Ruin, Keep
  • Stable
  • Star
  • Tower
  • Village
We also added an “Invisible” pin (an invisible 40px by 40px circle). Obviously, you won’t be able to see it in the image below, but it’s there!

Help Us Choose the Next Pins

Respond to World Anvil’s tweet with your ideas for the next set of pins to work on!

New Character Sheet: Starfinder

Check out our new character sheet made by a member of our Development Team GorkamWorka! See it live here!
Just fyi, the Equipment, Features and Spells/Spellbook sections on the Starfinder Sheet are freeform text.

quality-of-life improvements

Custom pins now have “tags” and “Theme” both of them will be used to the new system (coming very soon) that will allow you to VIEW and FILTER your pins when you are creating markers.

Fixed ordering and naming discrepancies in article menus, both in the green and purple button.  

The SECRETS BBCode now has the addition of the subscriber groups of the secret as CSS classes on its tag.  The posts of characters on their stream now also include the world the character lives in (if any). 

Added an Article Deletion Trigger on the Article List page just to make sure you dont lose some precious work for a misclick.
That’s all we have for the development update rollup for now. Check back again under Development News at the end of the month for another rollup of updates for December! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also check out our previous development update rollup for end-of-November to catch up on any news you may have missed!