Hello everybody! For quite some time now I have heard the community asking for a middle ground between a writer, which can only create draft articles and loses the ability to edit them once published and an editor (co-author), who has access to make any changes they want to any article or piece of content but … well, as just said, has access to everything.

The problem here was that gamemasters, want their players to be able to contribute to the world, to write about their home towns, or their favourite steed, to maintain the article about their mighty flying ship, or to write articles about the world from their perspective AND to be able to do that while the article was published. And that is completely fair, especially if you are lucky enough to have so engaged players.

My problem was always “Who owns the article” and “what if the writer goes insane and starts posting about “the benefits of prawn” (it has happened!). After some thought and discussion with the community we concluded that “If you explicitly give permission, then it’s on your hands”. WIth that in mind… I am happy to say that now you can allow your players to take part in the worldbuilding process by using … Advanced Writers.

Simply enough, Advanced writers are writers, on steroids. They can do everything normal writers can do but also keep building up published articles.

Today I have release the very first version of this system but … this is just the beginning. When I deep dive into this feature it will have an array of other abilities like

  • Specific marker groups for writers, which means they will be able to drop markers on maps on a specific group (that you will control) and keep their own notes
  • Writer Historical events and Timelines that will allow your players to write the story of their party in your world
  • Writer secrets. Like your secrets but … not yours that you will be double prompted to see
  • And so much more…

What else would YOU want to see from this in the future?