Greetings worldbuilding lovers and enthusiasts! What do you love about worldbuilding? Is it the stories? Characters? Environments? The World Anvil team has been working hard the past two weeks to support you in your worldbuilding journey. Seriously, they love you, they really do. I read through all these updates and I have to say hot diggity dang! I present to you the development update rollup for mid-February!

New World Anvil Tag

How do I display a list of articles under a specific tag in any of my articles?” This feature is the. answer to this question!

  • Choose between a list of article links OR a list of Article Blocks
  • Compatible with the new visibility toggle feature
  • Executes all the security checks for subscriber groups, etc.
  • Displays the pop-up preview if you have it activated in your world
  • It DOES NOT make coffee or sandwichesyet!

How to use

tag: #love type: “blockorlisttitle: If left empty, this will equal the tag. If filled with a sentence that will become the header. Set tononefor no title.

Project Rhea v.0.1 (Family Trees & Bloodlines)

In preparation for the family ties and bloodlines implementation, Master+ Accounts can now

  • Define Biological and Adopting Parents for each character
  • Create FAMILIAL relations (spousal)
  • Define the FROM and TO year for relations (this will become even more important in the future (see timelines)


  • Creating a new parent will automatically create a new Character article.
  • This is a preparatory state, this is not visualized just yet but having them there means you will be able to create and see the trees when the visuals are ready.
  • Family Trees and all their features will be Master or Grandmaster+

ADVANCED WRITERS v.0.1 – Alpha release

You can now set a Writer and an ADVANCED WRITER, which means they are able to continue editing articles EVEN IF THESE ARTICLES ARE PUBLISHED. What this means for Game Masters is you can get your players to keep on retaining the articles you assigned to them! The full feature is bound for release later in the year, and it will have lots more bells and whistles. (View more information regarding this feature’s uses here!)


  1. Go to your Authors page
  2. Make a user a Writer
  3. After you made them a writer, find them in the list and click “Make Advanced

Selective Visibility Toggler

Selectively hide or show sections of an article including:

  • Template Sections
  • Embedded Maps
  • Containers and Sections (Except spoilers)
  • Key-Value tags
  • aloud

This feature will be available to Grandmaster Worldsmith, Sage, Worldsmith of the Inner Sanctum, Legendary Worldsmith, Deity of Creation, and Titan guild levels!

What does this mean: Game Masters can go through their article, regardless of public or private status or if it has any subscriber groups, to choose what in that article is visible to anyone apart from themselves or their co-authors! However, this feature will not be available for Writers and Advanced Writers. This is so. co-gms can hide sections of your articles from players you allowed to write content in your world as a writer.

All worlds start with this feature activated! However, you may turn off this feature under the World > Configuration > Settings (Bottom). (View even more information about this feature here!)

Calendars 0.7.0-BETA

Calendars got polished recently with Ademal’s careful hand with the introduction of holidays! His next steps are to add more holiday configurations for all your custom holiday needs.

We Value Your Feedback

Remember to check out the Codex Guide to Calendars for more information and feel free to leave feedback directly to our developers here! You can even check out their backlog!

Version Patches Pane

If any backend or frontend changes to the calendar occur, you will now be notified of what changes were done!

Visual Tweaks

There’s now a space between the bottom of the month’s navigator and the calendar.

Empty days are now clearly marked and styled.

The button to edit a day and add a holiday is more clearly marked and only appears when that day is hovered.

CSS Enhancement

All Calendars have .user-css-calendar as their top-level selector now.

New Theme: Cyberpunk 2020

Be still my neon heart! Check out this new theme and consider it for skinning your retro type worlds.

New Theme: Area 51

This one’s for all the sciencefictionlovers and conspiracy ~~nuts~~ investigators out there! This one was created by an amazing member of the community, Timepool!

Character Article Related Enhancements

Life display for Character articles have been refined, and now displays the World Era depending on the date.

Diacritics in Slugs

Introduced better management for diacritics “è à î” etc on slugs of articles and worlds.

check out their latest live update!

Watch Dimitris and Janet’s most recent development related Twitch broadcast as they cover the latest breakthroughs and answer the community’s most burning questions!
That’s all we have for the development update rollup for now. Check back again under Development News in the middle of the month for another rollup of updates for February! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup for end-of-January to catch up on any news you may have missed!