Greetings friend! By the way, Happy Leap year! I’m leaping into the new month with optimism and hope…hope that I can get my game on that is. I feel tabletop game deprived, someone help! Speaking of tabletop games, World Anvil sponsored Critical Role recently and I am mighty proud! Despite all the community outreach and activities, Dimitris still outputs with incredible prowess. This particular list especially has some sweet goodies for Gamemasters. I present to you the development update rollup for the end-of-February!

Dashboard v.3.0

Your dashboard view got a makeover, and I’m living for the tabs!

  • Catch a glimpse of current development updates and other news
  • Access everything you have created (Worlds, Characters, Campaigns)
  • Check out current and upcoming community events
  • Quickly view the worlds you are subscribed to (not just followed). This specific change is related to the new Communities Update covered in the next section!

Communities v.0.1

On your world`s homepage, users can see the subscribers groups you have assigned to them. By entering the hub, they can assign to them groups YOU HAVE CHOSEN to be visible and assignable to them.

Set your subgroups to be hidden or assignable:

Hidden: Subscribers can be assigned to it but they cannot see this group to any list

Assignable: Subscribers can see this group and can assign themselves to it from the hub

I suspect that these changes will allow creators to have even more opportunities to cater to specific content to certain groups in the future! I’m thinking similar to Patreon? 

Just as users can assign themselves to one or more subscriber groups allowed to a world, they can easily remove themselves from the community as well. All it takes is a simple button click to remove all subscriber groups assigned to you in a world

How to

  1. Go to communities list on your Dashboard
  2. Click the community button
  3. Click to leave the community

Note: This function is available even a world does not have access to the community features.

Self Assigning Groups

Guild members Grandmasters+ can enable readers of your world to assign subscriber groups onto themselves! Simply retrieve the embed tag for the subscriber group you want to use in your articles, world homepage, etc. Each link is aware of if the user already has a role. Since this allows your readers to define what is visible and what is not, this can be used to create CYOA or any sort of interactive storytelling into your worlds.

New Dnd 5e Sheets

Several DnD 5e Sheets have gotten an updated design. These sheets also use the new system where you can duplicate and modify it!

Monster Sheet


Item Sheet

Spell Sheet

Share Statblock Templates

This feature is for the Gamemasters who now have the ability to share their created Statblock Templates with their players. After creating a Statblock template in your studio, share it with your players so they can use it for their character sheets, items, spells or anything else you want!



Once you are finished with your template click on the “Share with my Players” button


Note: The player needs to have the character on YOUR campaign as their active character.

  1. Go to your “Your Statblocks page” with your active character.
  2. Select the Statblock created by your Gamemaster

Handover Sheet Ownership

There may be times as a Gamemaster you need to give a sheet to a player such as a player class you made, a mount, or even a premade character. With this in mind, Gamemasters are now able to handover a sheet to a player of their currently active campaign!


  • Go to any sheet from the list and click view.
  • If you have an active campaign there will be a dropdown list under Transfer Ownership with all the players on that campaign.
  • Click on Handover sheet when ready!

Building Statblocks Parts with YAML Driver

Interested in building parts of your Statblock template without adding them one by one? There is now a way to do this programmatically! Click here to view instructions with a sample to learn how to use this method.

If you have further questions about this advanced functionality, World Anvil’s Discord server has a specific channel #custom-articles-and-statblocks-help to serve your needs.

Subcontainer bbcode tag

For guild members Grandmasters and above, creating in-page secrets just became extremely simple! The new Subcontainer tag is the FASTEST way to show contents of a section in your article only to a particular subscriber group NO SECRET required!

How to use

[subcontainer:ID] Content only for that group here [/subcontainer]

world bbcode tag

Link to any world by using the unique ID of that world! You can use this to customize your world’s home navigation or maybe even promoting your friends’ worlds from yours!

How to use

To find a world’s unique ID, you can find it in the URL when editing a world.<ID>/edit

Example: [world:0b00e34e-7ef2-4443-876b-95787361a82c]

enhanced map bbcode tag

Need to embed your map but want to focus on a specific part? The new Coordinates AND Zoom level for your [map:ID] tags are here to help!

How to use

You can read further Dimitris’ in-depth coverage of this feature here along with other map-related upgrades!

Quality of Life Improvements

Changing the Mark Group of a Map Marker is now SUPER fast! No more jumping around, just smooth transitions.

check out their latest tutorial!

Watch Dimitris and Janet’s most recent development related Twitch broadcast as they cover the latest breakthroughs and answer the community’s most burning questions!
That’s all we have for the development update rollup for now. Check back again under Development News in the middle of the month for another rollup of updates for March! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup for mid-February to catch up on any news you may have missed!