Greetings and salutations! The last fifteen days have changed so drastically in the real world, and I hope you all are taking care of yourself during these precarious times. I’m planning to catch up on art, books, and games (hopefully also sleep). What kinds of activities will you pursue to pass the time? If one of those is worldbuilding, then Dimitris is still keeping things interesting with constant updates for you! I present to you the development update rollup for mid-March!


Dimitris finally debuts this long-awaited feature, now available and in its early stages of development! Build grand visual lineages for the people of your world and their many relations. Explore boundless branches with drag-click interactions and name searching.  Now is the time to show off the elaborate connections of your world! When you get a chance, look here for an even more in-depth look at this brand spanking new major feature!

  • Click to select a character to focus
  • Search to center the screen on a character in the tree
  • Mouseover a character to show their relationship to the selected character
  • Display Date of Birth and Date of Death
  • Updated styling of label for each character
  • Added a link to the character profile for each character

Automatic Spousal Relationships

When creating or adding a second Biological Parent on a character, the system will automatically check if those two characters already have a spousal relationship. If they do not, the system will automatically create a relationship between the two parents. This is done to reduce the hassle of creating those relationships in order to be able to easily navigate your family trees.

Family Leaders & Quick Family Navigation

When editing an organization, you can now set aFamily Leader“. If you do, the Family Tree of that character will replace the cover image of that Organization. This is perfect for creating your:

  • Royal Families & Dynasties
  • Pantheons
  • Merchant Families

For easier Navigation, when you edit a character on the right side you will now be able to see their portrait (so you know what you are editing even if on other tabs) and a link to their:

  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Children

Image Carousel

Do you have lots of images but don’t have an easy way to showcase them? Now you do! This treat is for ALL guild members! Create beautiful navigable carousels from your galleries and place them anywhere in your articles.

Quick How to use

  1. Go to your Images & Files
  2. Open one of your galleries (folders)
  3. Click on the clipboard icon (this will copy the [carousel:id] on your clipboard)
  4. Paste this BBCode anywhere in your articles. Protip: If you want this to appear full width on the top of your article, use thecreditsdesign section.

For a more in-depth look at this feature, check out Dimitris’ article!

Community Signatures

This feature is also available to ALL guild members! Write a signature under your public profile and have it display under every single comment you make! Some effective ways of using this feature could be linking your favorite world, article, book, or social media account. Or maybe you have an inspiring quote you want to share. from a character in your world. There are so many possibilities! Remember to be respectful when building your signature!

Statblock Templates: Form Boilerplate

Creating your own blocks just became 100x easier. The new Boilerplate will give you exactly the TWIG version of the form you need in order to create a beautiful sheet, which means you will have a good starting point to start modding it.

TheCheckboxtype has been added as well to allow you to create checkboxes on your forms!

Self Assigning Groups

For the Guild members Grandmasters+, you now can enable readers of your world to assign subscriber groups onto themselves! Simply retrieve the embed tag for the subscriber group you want to use in your articles, world homepage, etc. Each link is aware of if the user already has a role. Since this allows your readers to define what is visible and what is not, this can be used to create CYOA or any sort of interactive storytelling into your worlds.

New theme: modern spaceships

Been craving for a sleek, modern, and cool blue-hued theme? Read more about our brand new SciFi theme here, another futuristic beauty made by our very own TJ! personally, this theme truly tickles my fancy!

New Fate Accelerated Sheet

Our amazing Snake Venom has created a brand new sheet for Fate Accelerated! It is now available to be used by everyone for their worlds and heroes.

Character Sheet Privacy

  • Characters (for Epic Heroes or Guild memberships) can select to show or not show their character sheets on their profile. While editing a character, click on the toggle button located within the tab Privacy and under Section Privacy. This hidden sheet can still be seen by them and their storyteller.
  • Worldbuilders can define if a sheet will appear under an article to everyone, or be restricted to themselves and the author of the article.

This is a great way to hide the stat blocks of your NPCs in your world!

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Community Features on a world can now be enabled or disabled via the World Configuration under the Monetization tab
  • The Copyright box is now also applied to Timeline and Historical Entries
  • New DnD5e NPC Sheet
  • Hide individual relationships from your players or readers using the visibility toggle system

check out their latest tutorial!

Watch Dimitris and Janet’s most recent development related Twitch broadcast as they cover the latest breakthroughs and answer the community’s most burning questions!
That’s all we have for the development update rollup for mid-March. Check back again under Development News at the end of the month for another rollup of updates! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup for end-of-February to catch up on any news you may have missed!