This has been a long time coming, as it’s been tricky to find time to write this blog post! You guys have probably seen all the features which have been keeping me busy BUT I am so very happy to be sharing this now! Behold – the results of the Genie voting from the end of 2019, and the scheduled 2020 roadmap of features!

Things to keep in mind

  • The following projects are shown here in the order that they will be completed.
  • Parts of these projects might/will happen at an earlier time if it serves the speed of building-up World Anvil and the community.
  • There are no dates on this timeline and this is on purpose. In World Anvil we do not put feature deadlines, but work instead in development cycles. Puter better, we set goals and then we smash them!
  • All current and upcoming projects have their basic specification done. The projects coming later are more loosely defined. In both cases you, the community, will have a strong say on their final form. If you want to take part in this process, make sure you join our discord and get your guild roles

Ok, now we’ve cleared that up … let’s go!

I. Project Hera [Completed March 2020]

Project Hera, from the Greek goddess of family and mother of all, is the Family trees and Organization Charts feature set of World Anvil. The goal of the project is to allow you to display – in a visually pleasing way – the relationships between characters and any other entity of World Anvil. There are three major components to this feature:

  • Family Trees – Showing the immediate family of a character
  • Bloodlines  – Showing all the blood relatives of a character
  • Content Trees – Allowing you to display relationships and hierarchies using ANY type of articles

II. Project Athena [Completed April 2020]

With the rise of the number of articles per world, it’s becoming more and more evident that we need a better system to navigate and organize the work that you do. At this point, we have several worlds in World Anvil with over 1500 articles. With that in mind, the whole Articles and Categories sections will be syndicated under a new interface that will allow for the quick same-page editing and quick changes for the most important information on an article.

The concept we’re working with is an interface like the one used for Images and Files, but for your articles. The idea is to minimize the articles displayed at the same time on a single screen, but at the same time make it easier to refine and filter what you are searching for.

III. Project Homer [Completed July 2020]

This project used to be known as “Scribes” and is, in fact, an update completely dedicated to the writers of our community. Homer will introduce a completely new novel/story writing tool in World Anvil that will allow you to write, organize and refine your manuscript while having the tools of World Anvil at your fingertips. It will also introduce new systems to structure your stories and visualize them historically or by exploring the plots of your characters.

Last but not least, Homer will introduce a completely new way to present your novels, serial fiction and other writing to your readers and connect it with your world.

vi.ii: This is also the point that World Anvil user profiles will also be getting a massive upgrade!

Secret Project Artemis: [Completed July 2020]

Quick Keyboard Navigator – Hit ctrl  + enter to create or go anywhere in World Anvil

Secret Project Arachne: [Completed August 2020]

Relationship webs between organizations. Display the relationships between one organization and all others, or a network of all organizations with a specific tag within a world.

Secret Project Thales: [Completed Oct 2020]

Interactive tables allowing for tables which are – Rollable – Sortable – Searchable  – Interconnected – Embeddable – With images  and with implementation to display long text easily

Secret Project Gertrude [Completed Nov 2020]

Daily updated, statistics for your profile, wordcount, articles count, likes, views etc.

IV. Interlude I [Completed Nov 2020]

This section and all interludes following it are pauses in major feature development. During this interlude, I will shift my attention to “quality of life” updates and minor upgrades/enhancements of current features.

V. Project Chronos

Project Chronos is all about the visualization of time in your world. It will be introducing a completely new type of timeline that will have access to events in your world but also the lives of your people and organizations. The new timelines will be a system of multilayered horizontal “lanes” of events that will also be supported by the ability to define not only their place in time, but also “space” (the final front-ear), by setting the coordinates of these events on a map associated with that event.

Secret Project Hestia

VI. Project Hercules

CHANGE: Brought forwards and merged with Sappho

Refinement of the heroes/characters interface to give even more features to your players and yourself – this is a very long list and we will have to work together to refine it and make it what you and your players want it to be.

Previously known as “Project Sappho” (now part of Hercules) is the bridge between Hercules and Advanced Writers allowing your players not only to create and edit articles but also to work together on articles, manage timelines and maps dedicated to them and so much more. Combined with the work done during project Olympus (communities) this will allow your players to experience your world better than ever.

Secret Project Gilbert

Secret Project Golden Fleece

VII. Project Olympus

Project Olympus will be introducing to World Anvil a wide range of new features dedicated to building communities around your world. You will be able to have your own discussion board, award achievements to members of your community, run polls, send notifications and updates, and write blogs about your personal life or the development of your project.

Simply put, this is going to be a whole new dimension in World Anvil that will allow you to talk to those who love your work, either your players organizing the next session or the fans of your novels and short stories.

VIII. Project Atlas

Maps! Maps are very important for worldbuilding. Project Atlas is here to make them better. I will be working to rehaul both the way that you edit your maps but also add features for the way maps are displayed. There are a lot of requests surrounding maps so we will have to talk to you about it before we crystallize how Atlas will look!

IX. Interlude II

(see Interlude I)

X. Project Alexandria [Fast Forwarded: 50% Completion]

Currently: Paused
Project Alexandria is all about the way you manage and display your blocks.  It will allow you to create folders and assign blocks to them. It will allow you to assign blocks to your world and restrict access to specific subscriber groups. Finally, the management page for blocks will also get a good user experience treatment to make it easier and faster to use.

XI. Project Oracle [Fast Forwarded: 5% Completion]

Currently: Ongoing

This is the official development of the World Anvil API. Project Oracle is placed here mostly as a sense-check point. This means that the API is already being developed and some of the developers in our community will be slowly invited to access it, but at this stage, the API will be getting its public view treatment and the work needed to make sure that it can serve content quickly and reliably.

XII. Project Odysseus [COMPLETED]

Currently: Paused

This is the second version of the World Anvil Explorer that will syndicate your feedback and requests around the Explorer into a new version with all new bells and whistles. Of course, in addition to that, during this time the updates from Project Atlas, Homer and Chronos will also be included in the Explorer.

XIII. Interlude III

(see Interlude I)



At this point we should be either to the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021 … or maybe much earlier … nobody knows! BUT what I do know is that it will be an incredible journey and that YOU ARE PART OF IT.  We are working day and night to make this the best tool for YOU and nothing will be great without YOUR thoughts and ideas as part of this process.

Join me on Discord, and talk to me on #development-discussion about your ideas and questions, or leave a comment here!

And finally, if you are not a member of the guild, please consider supporting us and helping us make the above and much more a reality for you and everyone else!