Hello there! I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and staying safe out there. Take the time to enjoy what serves you best, eat as well as you can, and look out for each other! Dimitris and Janet have been feeling under the weather recently, but have still been committing to provide much love and continued development improvements for all members. I present to you the development update rollup for End-of-March!

Organization Charts – Alpha v0.3

For Grandmasters members and above, we have a very brand new major feature for you! Organization charts are no longer limited to organizations, imagine that! Create static organization charts using ANY TYPE of article and display them either as static diagrams or lists of articles.

  • Fully customize each node with the title, description, image, and link to any article
  • Set the display style as a list or static

This is only the beginning, and more interactive org charts that will look like family trees and bloodlines are on the way!

As with timelines or stat blocks, an organization chart can only be associated with an article in its own special tab at the bottom of the article. If the article has an auto-generated organization chart, a newly associated chart will replace the auto-generated one. If it did not, it will just add the new one!

 You can do that from the article edit screen at the bottom of the “Sectionstab.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will be replaced with the interactive version once it is developed!

Start playing here now!

We Value Your Feedback

If you are part the World Anvil Discord, feel free to provide feedback in the #alchemist-lab (if you have it activated) or #development-discussion channels!

Dragon Drop (Drag and Drop) Ordering

Grab (with your articulate claws) any item and put them in the position that you want. Also, your ordering is respected and will stick once you position it. Positioning can also be set manually via the form when you create or edit an item.

Batch Additions Using Tags

Add multiple articles as items on your Organization Chart by selecting a tag the articles are tagged with.

Popup Descriptions

[static] Descriptions will appear as a popup when hovering over a node!

New bbcode tag [userstate]

This new BBCode tag, available to Grandmasters+, allows you to display different content and messaging to users depending on their current state. This complements the recent updates withself-assignedsubscriber groups.

Scenario 1:

[userstate:loggedin] This will only show if the user on this page is logged in [/userstate]

Scenario 2:

[userstate:loggedout] This will only show if the user on this page is logged out [/userstate]

Scenario 3:

[userstate:follower] This will only show if the user on this page is logged in and follows your World [/userstate]

Scenario 4:

[userstate:notfollower] This will only show if the user on this page is logged in and DOES NOT follow your world [/userstate]

The idea is that you can advertise or prompt people to follow your world or to log in. Or, if they are following you, to join your Patreon or Ko-fi. A more advanced use case is to hide the self-assigned groups until someone is logged in or following you!

Additions to FAMILY TREES

Filtering By Bloodline

Display ALL blood descendants of a character filtered or not by their spouses. Perfect for vampire bloodlines, royal lineages and so much more!

How to use: [bloodline:CHARACTER_ID] or [bloodline:CHARACTER_ID&SPOUSE_ID] 

See it in action! 

orientation AND zooming

Customize the orientation of the tree by dictating whether to start from the top, bottom, left or right, and the initial zoom!

    Half-Blood Children

    A unique icon indicates half-blood children in the timeline.

    transfer characters between accounts

    Have a character that you spent hours working on but was meant for another player? Now you can completely migrate a character from one account to another! GAMEMASTERS can create characters for their players and give their profile to them. This will migrate everything under the character (log entries, images, sheet, article) but will NOT remove or change the world of a character

    How to use

    • Go to your character list
    • Activate Character
    • Edit Character
    • On the bottom right, click on “Transfer character

    An important note, you need the exact username of the user you are moving the character to.

    New Chronicles of Darkness (CoD) 2e: Vampire the Requiem Sheet

    We want to thank fellow WA guild member and Worldsmith Davina for creating this character sheet for the RPG Chronicles of Darkness (CoD) 2e: Vampire the Requiem!

    Quality of Life Improvements

    • To extend map reusability, multiple versions of the same map with different focus coordinates can exist on the same page.
    • Links to the Parents on the sidebar (if present) are separated into Biological and Adopting on a Character’s presentation.
    • The template type of custom articles is now displayed on article blocks
    • The files & images search now will return terms that BEGIN WITH (as was) or INCLUDE (new) the term. Keep in mind that the search functionality only looks through images on your currently active world.
    • Raised the recent images limit from 10 to 25 for files & images.
    • The Article blocks now include the CSS of their article on their CSS classes.

    check out the roadmap for 2020!

    Dimitris literally has a pantheon of projects waiting for their time to shine! Check out his detailed blog post about the development roadmap for 2020!
    That’s all we have for the development update rollup for end-of-March. Check back again under Development News in the middle of the month for another rollup of updates! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup from mid-March to catch up on any news you may have missed!