Warmest welcome to you seeker of updates! During this time of the month, I like to exercise my green thumb and do a bit of spring cleaning. You’ll see in this rollup Dimitris did some manicuring of the site as well. Not only does the Anvil continue to be strong and robust, but it also continues to grow and shape into something grand! I present to you the development update rollup for mid-April!

Interactive content Trees

Watch out worldbuilders! In late-night owl fashion, Dimitris revealed this update in the dark of night with much sparkle and flare. You may have read about the early alpha level development of organization charts in our last rollup. Now the Organization Charts have been renamed as Content Trees! No longer are they static, but are wonderfully interactive! (Sadly it doesn’t make coffee…but it does a lot of other things)

  • Drag around
  • Zoom
  • Search
  • Link to full article (if any)
  • Collapsible sections
You can create a new content tree by using the green “Quick Links” button on the bottom right of the window OR via Artemis using “Create Content Tree“.

For even more in-depth information, visit Dimitris’ tutorial on Content Trees to Organize Your Worldbuilding!

We Value Your Feedback

If you are part the World Anvil Discord, feel free to provide feedback in the #alchemist-lab (if you have it activated) or #development-discussion channels!

Carousel Images with URL links

Sometimes, text with URL links may not be enough. Now harness the opportunity for increased navigational methods by applying a URL to any image of your carousels, redirecting users when they click on the image. Link on any page from World Anvil or from an external source.

Click theReplace Imagebutton to go to the advanced edit page of the image and add aLink URLto it.

Draft state via purple button

Inspired by a direct request from Janet, this gives you the ability to set the draft state of an article from the purple “Quick Content Creation” button! This means you can be on an article and create another one while writing, then be able to use the @ to embed the newly created one right away.

Note: This is great for private worlds where you mostly care about having your content quickly available.


Apart from the creation and update date, articles will also now have a Publication Date. This date can be seen on the Edit Screen’s Metadata and the Presentation Metadata of an article.

Important Notes

The publication date is given to the article the FIRST time an article moves from DRAFT to PUBLISHED and only the first time.

From now on, most liked and most viewed articles will be calculated based on publication date and NOT creation date. This note would be important to those who participate in World Anvil challenges where “like” counts could determine the outcomes. 

New Public Character sheet: Coriolis RPG

We want to thank fellow WA guild member and Grandmaster Worldsmith @der_butschi for creating and donating this sheet to the community!

Quality of Life Improvements

As a precursor to a certain feature coming back soon, Worlds now has tags! Make sure to go to your world under configuration and set some tags so people will have an idea what you’re world is about.
In order to celebrate the beautiful creations of our community, the Featured article is now displayed on the Dashboard!
Around the site, you may notice multiple visual updates meant to make the interface cleaner and clearer.
Family trees were bumped up to v,0.8.5 with the addition of 2 abilities:

  • Set the direction of the tree using ( top, bottom, right or left )
  • Set the initial ZOOM level of the tree from 50% to 150%
    • Examples: [familytree:cdcdb42c-51ef-45f4-9614-5d41e0570379|left|150]

Finally, search for worlds by Name, Tags or for the latest updated worlds in every genre when using the Multiverse search!

check out the roadmap for 2020!

Dimitris literally has a pantheon of projects waiting for their time to shine! Check out his detailed blog post about the development roadmap for 2020!
That’s all we have for the development update rollup for mid-April. Check back again under Development News at the end of the month for another rollup of updates! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup from end-of-March to catch up on any news you may have missed!