Greetings wonderful human! We have lots of goodies, especially new themes and character sheets this time around. Dimitris even pushed a MAJOR feature to help tame the wild beast article management is! It’s time to get that messy virtual desk all neat and orderly. I present to you the development update rollup for the end-of-April!

Project Athena – Articles & Categories Manager

Enjoy a quick and easy way to control the structure of your world articles and categories! Articles and Categories are merged into a completely new and about 10 times faster system. Now you can the basic details of your articles and then some from a single page!  Guild members will be able to even edit the vignette and preview their articles, resembling similar functionality to article creation via the Purple Button. Manage Subgroups, tags, and parent relations with the click of a button. Rearrange categories and articles by dragging them around and create categories on the spot. Checking your world stats and your top-performing articles have never been easier! You can also check your TODO list and start working on them unfinished articles faster than ever. Finally, search through all your articles AND if you are guild member search for words IN them!

We Value Your Feedback

If you are part the World Anvil Discord, feel free to provide feedback in the #alchemist-lab (if you have it activated) or #development-discussion channels!

Current Date BBCode

Print the date of your world by using a tag anywhere in your articles!  You can quickly find your current world date tag in your World Summary to copy and paste anywhere you’d like. 
[h2]World Date (display)[/h2]
[h2]World Date (Numerical Y-m-d)[/h2]
[h2]World Date (YEAR)[/h2]

Search Engine Optimization Metadata for Articles

Interested in finessing your world’s digital foot traffic? You now have the ability to set the Title appearing on the top of your browser to anything you want! The same goes for the page description Google and other search engines will displayNote: This feature is available to Grandmasters+!

New theme: wild wild steam

Most people know in the WA community that TJ is infamous for designing many of the first themes that graced the worlds’ visual landscape. Well, he hit another theme out of the ballpark with smoke and metal! You can read more about this theme in Janet’s post. Remember, themes are available to ALL guild members!

These are the voyages

This is a 2-in-1 filled package done by two esteemed WA guild members: Grandmaster Worldsmith Timepool and Legendary Worldsmith Tillerz! First, let’s introduce this sleek character sheet for Star Trek Adventures (Modiphius Official)…
 …and here is the corresponding theme “These Are The Voyages” that you can apply to a world! Long live and prosper roleplayers!

Cypher System Sheets

A huge thank you goes to Tillerz for his amazing work to bring the Cypher system to World Anvil!

  • Excellent adaptation so it can be used over mobile
  • Compatible with both world presentation mode (in articles), Block view, and Heroes
He also made sheets for the related settings Numenera and The Strange, now available to ALL and your Heroes Campaigns!

Savage Worlds Character Sheet

Tillerz also lovingly designed this sheet and shared to the community! 

Category to Article Redirect

Set an article that your category pages will automatically redirect to! Note: This feature is available to Masters+!

Custom Article via purple button

You can now create a CUSTOM ARTICLE template articles via the Purple Button! Note: Of course the content/vignette is not applied.

Quality of Life Improvements

Made sheet printing more robust by printing only the sheet when printing the sheet view page.
For all our guild members, keep sticky like notes on your articles, visible only on the editor interface! 
Finally, an enhancement for everyone! Pressing the ESCape key now closes all bottom panels (purple, blue, green button).

check out the roadmap for 2020!

Dimitris literally has a pantheon of projects waiting for their time to shine! Check out his detailed blog post about the development roadmap for 2020!
That’s all we have for the development update rollup for end-of-April. Check back again under Development News in the middle of the month for another rollup of updates! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup from mid-April to catch up on any news you may have missed!