Warmest greetings! It’s getting hot out there, so remember to hydrate! Despite being engaged with various events, such as the recent Circle of Worldbuilders Masterclass event, Dimitris deployed an incredible amount of goodies for you all. He refreshed various templates and implemented the ever-popular drag-and-drop (or we like to say “Dragon Drop”) for various interfaces. I present to you the development update rollup for end-of-May!

Article Template Refresh

As I mentioned earlier, many fields and field associations were added to various groups of templates. Below you will find these new fields and associations for each template group. This was the result of the voting of the first weekly Minor Guild Feature Poll in our Discord server! If you’re not yet already in our server, we welcome you to join the Discord to take part!

Organization & Rank

  • Organization Culture
  • Rank Weight: To arrange which appears first on the list of an organization. (e.g. King > Queen > Prince > Duke…)
Field Associations
  • Organization Leader Title (Linked to Rank)
  • Organization Association Titles


  • Discovered By (Set on character to define the person who first discovered this species a.ka. Charles Darwin)
Field Associations
  • Related Ethnicities (sorta, it was there but it was well hidden)


Field Associations
  • Related Technologies (so you can link technologies to your Professions)

Vehicles, Landmark & Person

  • Prefix (USS, HMS, WTF, AFK … )
Field Associations
  • Characters on Board (set from Person) so you can display Crew on the Vehicle andOn board …” on the character
  • Compartments/Rooms (so you can create subcompartments of your larger vehicles like ships, starships etc)

Location, Landmark, Settlement

  • Tourism (Across All three)
  • History (Across All three)

  • Date of Construction (Landmark)

  • Date of Founding (settlement)

Field Associations
  • Owning Title (rank)

Species & Location Association

Been wanting an easy way to link your species with geographic locations? Behold, a new field association for species geographic distribution has appeared! Use this to designate where the flora and fauna reside in your world! The field will show asGeographic Distributionon the Species template andInhabiting Species on the Geographic location Template.

Mobile DragnDrop (Dragondrop)

Mobile devices can now use DragnDrop functionality on:

  • Explore Mode
  • Articles & Categories (Athena)
  • Files Manager (Apollo)
  • Manuscripts (Homer Currently in development)

Last Notification Date

This is an important change in regards torecent articles“. Starting now, your recent articles in your worlds will show ONLY the articles that you have sent updates to your followers. The date will also appear on the Metadata of your Article edit sidebar.

World Open Data v.0.1

You can now get a JSON list of your last 25 recently updated (check above) articles in JSON format with lots of data.

“url /w/YOUR_WORLD_SLUG/opendata/recent”

Here is an example JSON and URL and a formatted JSON. An important note, the Open Data system will only display public content of public worlds. This feature is available to Grandmaster+ guild members!

Coming up next: /article/{id} : Article data + HTML content

Drag & drop map pins

As promised to our guild members, this map related update will make editing so much easier! Be free to drag and drop the pins on edit mode in order to reposition them. You will no longer have to go into edit mode to change the location of a marker.

There will be a part two coming soon! Due to the recent CoW (Circle of Worldbuilders) event, Dimitris promises a speedy if not visually delicious delivery.

Aside from above, we have extra enhancements specifically for Grandmasters+!

  • Set a pin as draggable when creating it.
  • Can ALSO make labels draggable.

Missed cowcon?

Did you miss Dimitris and Janet’s biggest streaming event to date? Rewatch the Circle of Worldbuilders Masterclass for Game Masters on Youtube or Twitch

Statblock updates

The Statblock & Sheets page got some love with various interface updates for ease of editing as well as new assignment functionality!

  • Set a World for your statblock
  • Statblock list brings your active world first and foremost
  • Ability to assign folders (you cannot create them yet butsoon!)
  • New quick button to view (when editing) and quick button to edit (when viewing)

World RSS Feeds

Want to harness more flexibility for managing your world’s updates to your followers and readers? Dimitris enabled that ALL GUILD worlds have their own RSS Feed! 


new character sheets: The expanse rpg

This one is for the science fiction RPG lovers! After noticing many users tagging their worlds with “The Expanse RPG”, Dimitris made an earnest request from fellow Anvilite Tillerz if he could create sheets for this game. Deliver he did and in record time! Read more and view more character sheet examples in Dimitris’ blog post!

Character’s Date of Birth

For the Person/Character Template, Dimitris made the Date of Birth a simple text field. This allows you to jot down on the sidebar the textual form of your charactersbirthday!

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Statblock CSS can now make use of @media (media queries)
  • The world creation date now displays on the bottom right of your worlds edit page (So you can celebrate its birthday!)
  • Categories are now ordered position first. If no position is set, they will be ordered by creation date with the oldest appearing first.
  • Heroes profiles now have a link to the article in their world (if they are part of a world)
That’s all we have for the development update rollup for end-of-May. Check back again under Development News in the middle of the month for another rollup of updates! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup from mid-May to catch up on any news you may have missed!