Warmest welcome to the development update rollup for end-of-July! If you participated in World Anvil’s Summer Camp this past month, I commend your creative endeavors and hope you found the challenge inspirational! Take time to celebrate what you accomplished, whether it be completing 1 or 30+ articles. These updates will be monthly for now, so there are lots to read about this past month!


This has been one of the most anticipated features and lovingly created for Writers! Create, publish, and organize your short stories, novels, comics, or any other type of prose. This is available to guild members Master Worldsmith+.



The following is the current workflow for Manuscripts after being tweaked a bit from the initial release.

  • You can no longer publish a Manuscript…
  • But you can publish Chapters (folders)
  • A manuscript is published once the first chapter is set topublished“.
  • Once a chapter or a manuscript is published, everyone who is following YOU will get a notification that a new chapter or manuscript has been published.
  • When someone likes a part of your manuscript, you’ll get a notification.
  • Follow the owner of a Manuscript from the Manuscript page.


NOTE 1: You are no longer able to publish atext” (scene). Instead, you will have to put it into a folder (chapter) and publish that.

NOTE 2: This WILL affect the already published manuscripts (you will have to publish your chapters individually).

Clarification: This change does not affect privacy (public/private state). It is the equivalent of the Draft/Published for articles.


…if you are looking for something really cool to listen to and probably the most awesome person that you MUST be following! 

Bookmarking Manuscripts

Bookmarks will automatically create areading list” pinned at the top. When you place another one later on the same manuscript,moveon that chapter so you can track where you at with the manuscript you are reading.

Related Items

Articles, locations, characters (POV and related), items, etc. that are linked to your manuscript chapters/scenes now load the article IN the layout of the manuscript.
Also, choose to associate an article with a manuscript from the article edit page!


Link to Manuscript parts (Scenes/Chapters) with this new BBCode tag!
[manuscriptpart:<Manuscript ID>]
Find this tag under the right-hand side menu on the last tab.

Quick article save

As usual, Dimitris is always looking to find and fill workflow gaps with efficient functionality. Add new details to your articles quickly while you are writing your manuscript without having to jump around anywhere else!

Articles Interface III

Near the end of the month, Dimitris deployed a major update. Say goodbye to the old cluttered articles interface and discover…

  • Lighter simples, cleaner interface
  • Autosave
  • New Focus mode
  • Same page Preview
  • Same page Article search and Preview
  • Referenced in (find where the article is referenced in other articles)
  • SO MUCH more and x16 Faster!

If you haven’t since the update, make sure you have done a hard refresh on your browser so both CSS and JS files will update.


Simply add [articletoc] on any of your articles.

  • This tag automatically scans your article, identifying all headers
  • It creates an indented list of the headers.
  • Clicking on the header will instantly scroll you down to that header.


This will not work nicely if you ALSO have the following:

  • [toc]
  • [articleblock]
  • Relations (character/organization)
  • Org charts 

It will work, but it will also list the header/categories of the Global ToC so try to refrain from using both. You wont need it so much anyway now that you have the static navigation.

This is still in BETA, so if you find any issues please let Dimitris know at the #development-discussion channel in the Discord!

Article Word count on autosave

The current word count of the article now appears on the top right-hand side of your screen, actively updating on autosave. This will definitely help when word count for challenges is crucial!

User Profiles v.2.1

Check out the new and improved user profiles, with many additional community social features!

  • Follow your friends, not just their worlds!
  • Comment others’ profiles
  • View a much better display of worlds, characters, manuscripts
  • List of your best articles (by likes and views)
  • Display of your latest public work pinned at the top of your profile
  • STATS: Likes (of all your articles+manuscripts as a total)
  • STATS: Views (of all your articles, manuscripts, and profile) as a total
  • List of all the things that you have recently liked on your profile, the people that you are following, and who follow you

There is much more to come! Dimitris also announced some cryptic advice: “Follow your friends!”

Follow Dimitris for “stress testing” reasons… :heart:

Note: The stats update every several hours, so do not stress if you are seeing 0 followers.

New API Endpoints

Check out the updated documentation: https://www.worldanvil.com/api/aragorn/documentation 

Here are the newest API endpoints:


GET world/{id}/images

GET image/{id}


GET user/{id}/manuscripts

GET manuscript/{id}

GET manuscript/version/{id}

GET manuscript/version/{id}/export (Quick shortcut)


GET /worlds/{id}/articles – Now returns draft articles as well

GET /world/{id}/articles – Now also returns is_wip (Work in progress) and (is_draft) Draft/Published

GET /article/{id} now renders containers if the user has access to them.


World Anvil has a new page to celebrate YOU, YOU, and MOST certainly YOU

Available for everyone to see and on top of World Anvils homepage!!! This page will be kept updated and kickinwith regular updates and additions.

We call all guild members to send your BEST work at #guild-showcase or twitter marked as “#worldanvilshowcase” (Don’t forget to mention us too!)


Help Us Spread The Word

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World Navigation Sidebar

World Navigation will never be the same again! A brand new sidebar allows you to see

  • Table of Contents
  • Maps
  • Timelines from ANY page of your world.

This is available for guild members Journeyman+. All 25 of the themes also have a proper World Navigation sidebar base styling!

In addition, guild members level Master Worldsmith+ get to add custom navigation content! This means add ANYTHING you want (BBcode enabled) on the Navigation sidebar!

Community Social Features

Toggle Social Features

Not interested to track likes, comments, and followers for your world? If you are a Grandmaster+, then you can toggle these features at will. Simply navigate to Edit World -> Display (Global World Display Options) and check/uncheck the WORLD ANVIL COMMUNITY SOCIAL FEATURES checkbox.

Private Comments

This feature is available to all Guild Members who now have the ability to mark a comment as private on…

  • Articles
  • Profiles
  • Manuscript Chapters

Private messages are visible to their authors and the owners of the world, profile, or manuscriptThis can be a great avenue to give honest feedback or give secret information to your gamemasters (owners of the world).

New Character Sheets

This month, we observed another batch of character sheets for various games and systems!

Pathfinder 2e 


  • Updated Styling to fit all screens
  • Minor visual changes for clarify
  • Fixed issue with Crafting being calculated as WIS skill (now INT)
  • Added ability to add Feats as Freeform text ( no need to add blocks for them)
  • Clarified some of the descriptions on the sheets form.

Pathfinder 1e – settlement

The Burning Wheel System

Lovingly created by one of our Grandmaster Worldsmiths Pteroborne!

UI Changes

To further improve menu navigation, Dimitris moved Community pages from the left sidebar bottom to the top header.
For a less intrusive header, the Presentation Pages header is redesigned to be simpler, cleaner, and darker.
New single-button implementation for the quick buttons!

  • Less visual clutter
  • Scalable to add more in the future without adding clutter
  • More space friendly for mobile devices (more coming towards that soon)
  • You can use the ESC key to collapse or expand the menu
  • Also cute!
The RPG Character Profile edit screen gone through some cleanup and minor upgrades.

‘Quality of Life’ Improvements

  • Link to Community pages is now visible on the sidebar for mobile and small devices.
  • Turn Artemis off by pushing the ESC (escape) key.
  • Global Search AND Explore search for Masters+ now also searches through:
    • Sidebar Panel Top
    • Sidebar Panel Bottom
    • Top Sidebar
    • Bottom Sidebar
    • Footnotes
    • Fullfooter
  • When you choose a parent category for an article you can now see the parent category of that category as well.
  • Zoom in and out of family trees!

Heard of Summer Camp?

Did you miss Dimitris and Janet’s wrap up of their most recent event? Rewatch their stream on Twitch to learn more about what’s next after the end of Summer Camp!
That’s all we have for the development update rollup for end-of-July. Check back again under Development News in the middle of the month for another rollup of updates! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup from end-of-June to catch up on any news you may have missed!