Hello there cool cats and creatives! It’s been high and dry in my part of the world, and I don’t know about you, but I am ready for cooler weather. Don’t get me wrong, my houseplants love the warmth and sun! Do you know what else is on fire? Dimitris and his forge of never-ending features! Let’s get cracking to the development update rollup for end-of-August!

Welcome to your brand new profile page!

If you recall, the profile page was a pretty simple page to share a description of yourself and your worlds. It also shared a collection of badges you’ve accomplished. Not much has dramatically altered the profile page until now! Furthermore, Dimitris optimized this page to be much faster and easier loading profiles by loading tabs individually!

Profile posts

  • Create status updates
  • Write journals
  • Communicate with your followers and friends

Custom Content

Oh la la! Now you can get more creative showcasing YOU!

‘Like’ & ‘Comment’ Status Updates

Users can Like and Comment status updates, which you’ll get notifications for!

Journal Posts

  • Create WA Tags enabled long posts (Journals) to
  • Talk about your latest work
  • Blog about inspiration
  • Feature your favorite artists (more features on this very soon)
The ability to edit the content of journal posts and delete them is also added!


Badges are slightly redesigned and reorganized to have a better context of what they are. A description for each category and each badge soon! 🙂

Article Block links

Visiting any article now allows you to copy a block link for that article SHARE THE LOVE! Share the articles you find and you really like with the people that follow you so we can all discover the hidden gems on this community!

Article blocks now display with an image on Posts (and anywhere else on the editor interface).

[img] BBCode

In the beginning, you could only use the [img] tag with photos uploaded on your own account. Now, the [img] tag is capable of using external URLs! This is done to make it easier to create Profile posts, aka Journals.

Note: Width in pixels, left, center, right still work

Example use:


Important reminder

Please be conscious that if you use an externally linked image to your articles and the image is reported (under copyright) there is a chance that your WHOLE article will be deleted.

  • You will have 24 hours after the DMCA is submitted
  • You will have no issues if that is a private world
  • It is not guaranteed that externally linked images will stay there

Duplicate Scenes

Added the ability to duplicate a scene while editing a Manuscript.


Dive deeper into diplomatic histograms by reading Dimitris’ fully-featured blog post!

This feature is available to all Master+ Guild Members!


Development -> Xuroth

Design -> TJ

Specification, Concept & Refinement -> Dimitris 

Display all the relationships of an organization with the organization at the center of it: [diplomacy:b75427f6-1099-4dd9-b030-1fba6387431f]

Show a massive web of all the organizations with a tag in your world: [diplomacy:#mainorgs]

Like Civ IV, but for your world!

Please help spread the word

If you have a Twitter, please help retweet our post about this brand new feature!

Follow Buttons

[follow:WORLDID] Creates a button that when clicked the world with that ID is followed by the user [follow:USERNAME] Creates a button that when clicked the user with that username is followed
You can find the shortcut to the “follow world” widget under World > Configuration > Widgets (on the sidebar).
Here’s a tip! Add [follow:USERNAME] on your Global Menu or on your Global Announcements to get your friends and fans to follow you!

World Dashboard v.2.0

Enjoy EVERYTHING that your dashboard had plus everything your explorer could give you all in a simple, super quick to access and fast page.

  • Browse Articles
  • Browse Maps
  • Right-click to create new pins on your maps
  • Browse Timelines
  • Search EVERYTHING under your world and access it from a single place

Available to all Master+ Guild Members!

Web Features Management

Looking to curate your user experience on the site with ease? Whether you want to focus on your current campaign, or focusing on purely writing, Dimitris created a brand new page to easily manage your account’s features! Simply go to https://www.worldanvil.com/dashboard/user/features to activate features that matter to you most (and deactivate those that may be distracting to you).

Full Editors on Quick Article Creation

This discreet yet powerful feature was especially requested by Janet or, as Dimitris would lovingly proclaim, “wife-dino“. The quick article creation button on the bottom right now includes @ and [ functionality!

Map Marker Weight & Position

Have even more control fine-tuning your maps with the new Position/Weight property! Arrange which order markers and marker groups will appear, determining what is pulled to the top and what is pushed underneath. The higher the number, the higher visually they will appear.

If a Marker, Layer, or Marker Group has a position/weight assigned to it, it will also appear on the list on the map edit screen.

New Character Sheets

This month, we observed another batch of character sheets for various games and systems!

Massive thank you, once again to our resident sheet master chef Tillerz!

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e Sheets Suite

Infinity: Corvus Belli

Brightsword RPG for the world of Faelon

Battletech RPG

UI Changes

The notifications interface underwent a slight redesign. It is mostly cleaned up, alphabetical ordering, and given more space for the notifications that will soon be getting more attention.
The World Configuration page is redesigned!

  • Moved many elements around to tabs that made more sense
  • Separated sections to have fewer things visible on each panel at any given time
  • Renamed sections to better describe their content
Finally, there is a new layout for the Manuscripts Homepage!

  • Find your favorite manuscripts by the genres you enjoy to read about
  • Click on the sidebar or any of the tags to filter

‘Quality of Life’ Improvements

  • BBCode tag [subcontainer:ID] now works 2 levels in. This means you can nest many into one, only up to 2 levels.
  • BBCode tag [articletoc] now also scans Full width footer
  • Articles with subscriber groups now have the IDs of those subscriber groups as CSS classes on their master (.user-css) div
  • Follow a world from a Manuscript’s homepage or chapter
  • Update Discord / Notify Followers now is also available in Athena under advanced.

Check out our streamers

In recognition of their contributions to this community, the Anvilite Streamers Corps is granted a unique shorthand link to their home base world.

That’s all we have for the development update rollup for end-of-August. Check back again under Development News in the middle of the month for another rollup of updates! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup from end-of-July to catch up on any news you may have missed!