Wait – a World Anvil Lifetime Subscription?! Well, our 3rd Birthday is FAST approaching and as part of our celebrations, we’re doing something VERY special! Something a bunch of you have been asking about for a while.

World Anvil Lifetime Subscriptions!

After a lot of thought, we’ve decided to release a limited run of World Anvil Lifetime Subscriptions at the Grandmaster level! You can either bag one for yourself. Otherwise, it could be the perfect anniversary or Christmas gift for the worldbuilding, writing, or Tabletop RPG/D&D nerd in your life! Here’s the quick TL;DR:

  • We’ll be giving out ONLY 300 World Anvil Lifetime Memberships.
  • They’ll be available until the 25th of December 2020 deadline.
  • We’ll be starting with the EARLY EARLY BIRD price – a 55% OFF that will slowly become smaller.
    • UPDATE 3:30 GMT: EARLY EARLY BIRD (first 100) are all gone

As you can tell, this is an early bird offer to gauge interest. So if you ARE interested in a World Anvil lifetime subscription, it’s worth jumping in on it now! The cost World Anvil doesn’t go through versions – so getting a lifetime subscription now means that you’ll have access to all upgrades that will happen to the Grandmaster tier from this point onwards.

How do I purchase a World Anvil Lifetime Subscription?

  • Step one: Go to the World Anvil Shop. – Please, DO NOT forget to add your email to your order!
  • Step two: Check out the subscription and see if it’s for you! If so, go ahead and purchase as normal!
  • Please keep in mind we cannot refund these subscriptions
  • Step three (optional): If there’s anything you need to tell us or ask us, email us at hello@worldanvil.com!
  • UPDATE: We have received a lot more requests than expected, please – bear with us – you will be getting your code within the next 72 hours tops.

Other stuff to know about the Subscription!

  • If you’re a Venerable member or you have any other special type of subscription, you have to let us know! We’ll need to figure out how to tailor the perks to you!
  • The Lifetime Membership, unlike our other subscriptions, is NOT a prorated subscription. This means that the recipient (either you, or the person you’re buying it for) will need to cancel any current guild subscription they hold, and let that subscription expire, the Lifetime Membership can be activated on the desired account!
  • Depending on how well this goes, we might be releasing more Lifetime memberships

Hop on over to the World Anvil gift membership shop to check out all our gift Guild Pass and Lifetime Guild Pass options! You can buy year-long gift Guild Passes, which make birthday or Christmas presents!

And if you’re not yet a member of World Anvil, but you’re interested, check out our worldbuilding and novel writing tools for authors and our worldbuilding and campaign management tools for Gamemaster and Dungeon Masters!

Important Update – Orders without Email

We have about 10 orders that had no email address, which means we have no way to send them to you. If you haven’t received your order within 48 hours from the time you placed it, please message us.