Belated spooky greetings friends! The NaNoWriMo season seemed to sneak upon us, and for many writers, this endeavor can be a scary one! If you were planning to partake, I hope you were able to prep last month as much or as little as you needed. Remember there are many folks in the Anvilite Streamer Corps hosting writing sprints where you can engage with others for help or inspiration! Now let’s get down to the end-of-October 2020 development rollup update!

Membership Update

Grandmaster+ Memberships
All Grandmasters now can have up to 100 subscribers, and all Venerable Grandmasters can now have up to 300 subscribers! Use them for good, or evil, or even better for self-assigned subscriber groups. 🙂

Dimitris also extended theno advertsfor Grandmasters a bit more! Users currently logged in with an Active character connected to the world of a Grandmaster will no longer see adverts on their character pages.

Calendars 0.8.0 Release

Guild Memberships
This update adds intercalary events such as leap days. Go to the Calendar editor to click these links for more information on each.
If you are in our Discord, let our most glorious pumpkin queen Ademal know of what bugs you find in the #feedback-calendar channel! The next update will be focusing on beefing up the recurrence options for the event, for example, if your intercalary date has some weird logic (like occurring on the 29th of February every 4 years).

New Dice Roller

Freeman+ Memberships
Calling all Game Masters and RPG Designers! We have a new dice roller hot off the forge that pretty much does everything apart from coffee.

Learn more here: 

Did you know [roll:1d20] can also be written as [roll:1d20|Roll Initiative] (this was a feature I developed and forgot to announce likeever )

RPG Sessions With Historical Events

Freeman+ Memberships
Looking to track your sessions with a visual timeline of events? Now you can easily create timelines for your campaign and link to them the Session Reports youve written.

World Global Super Search v.0.1

master+ Memberships
Enjoy this super fantastic World Global Super Search that allows you to either view or edit EVERYTHING regardless of which page you are on!

Overtime World Stats

Grandmaster+ Memberships
Check your Likes, Followers, Articles, Comments, Views, and Words count change and GROW over time!

  • Daily or Monthly
  • For the last 7, 30, or 90 days, for the last year, year to date, or since the beginning of time!

Go to your Worlds Dashboard in order to check them out!

Note: In order for your stats to refresh you need to visit your worlds dashboard at least once in a calendar day.

Article Template Updates

Freeman+ Memberships
Language Template:

Added new sections!

  • Sentence Structure
  • Adjective Order
  • Structural Markers
  • Tenses

Location Template:

Added new sections to inspire you!

  • Ecosystem
    • Describe the environment and dynamics that govern the ecosystem of this location. How do the biological organisms and components interact with their physical environment?
  • Ecosystem Cycles
    • How does the ecosystem changes with the passing of seasons (or another cyclical period of time)? How do the organisms inhabiting react to this change? Think of migrations, hibernation, hunting, or procreating seasons.
  • Localized Phenomena
    • Are there any special natural, weather, or supernatural phenomena that are distinct to this location? Think about the interaction of ferrous earth with lightning, sandstorms, natural gases or gazers, etc.

New BBcode Tag: [taggedblocks]

Freeman+ Memberships
You are now able to create list of statblocks based on a tag

e.g. [taggedblocks:equipment] [taggetblocks:equipment|Arms & Equipment]

Structure: [taggedblocks:TAG|TITLE]

Map Marker Search

Freeman+ Memberships
Have you ever created an article for a map marker and you cannot remember what the heck it is and where this marker is?

Dimitris admitted to…SO, now you can use your Dashboard (Explorer) search to find markers by title and description!

New Character & Statblock Sheets

Guild Memberships
This month, we observed new character & statblock sheets for various games and systems!

Massive thank you, once again to our resident sheet master chef Tillerz!

DnD 5e New Class Features Statblock

Beautiful new design, great new input interface.

UI Changes

  • Slight redesign of the Campaign Block.
  • ReplacedSwitched to…” with a lower facing caret on the right-hand side of the worlds name.
  • Refined the distances of the elements to minimize the height of the sidebar.

‘Quality of Life’ Improvements

  • Organization Template: Option to hide the Relationships list sidebar.
  • Campaign Configuration: Set a link to your Foundry VTT server.
  • When viewing an article, a blue bar at the top will display which groups have access to that article. This is visible to Owners and Authors of the world.
  • Better visualization for indicating Draft and Private articles.
  • Each entry of the list now includes links to the timelines the entry is associated with.
  • Quck access button to return to the last article you have been working on.
  • Create custom articles template articles via Artemis.
  • Set relations for predecessors and successors of organizations.
  • Normalized all edit/view/delete buttons across all lists.
  • Added a way to see the current date of the world when you are editing a timeline or a historical entry, and a link to edit it.

Check Out The Spooktacular Megastream

Watch Dimitris and Janet’s most recent Twitch broadcast where they held tons of raffles, announced this year’s long-awaited Summer Camp winners AND gave a very special announcement!

That’s all we have for the development update rollup for end-of-October 2020. Check back again under Development News in the middle of the month for another rollup of updates! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup from end-of-September to catch up on any news you may have missed!