Brrr…we reached the End-of-November 2020 development rollup update! I’m susceptible to the colder weather, but things sure are firing up at the end of this year with our annual World Ember event! It is one of the biggest challenges World Anvil hosts and has inspired creators to flesh out a myriad of worlds every year. I encourage those to seek out ways that would work for them to tackle the challenge, learn from those who have gone through the gauntlet, and write what feels good to you. I hope to one day try out the gauntlet with all of you! Let’s check out what the development team forged this past month!

Article presentation Metadata redesign

Guild Memberships
  • Removed unnecessary headers (to minimize duplication and height)
  • Made the Metadata section collapsed by default
  • Added CSS classes to the section and tabs of the section to allow for more CSS manipulation
  • Made Metadata section visible to Sage+ even if the white label is activated (but can still be hidden with CSS)\

Everyone can see these changes but want to bring to attention to all Sage+ guild members to check their CSS implementations!

Interactive Tables v1.5

master+ Memberships
Many thanks to Xuroth, a member of the World Anvil development team, who implemented tons of features and bugfixes for the interactive tables feature!

  • Checklist Columns:
    • Simple checkboxes to help mark a row complete ordone“.
  • Dice Expressions:
    • Create Dice Buttons (similar to [roll:xdy] BBCode) that use the new DiceRoller that was previously released
  • Hidden Columns:
    • Configure columns to show only in the Editor, allowing you to keep a personal reference for each row without displaying it in the Presentation view.
  • CSV Import:
    • Import simple CSV tables created in other programs to help ease migrating the data into WorldAnvil
  • Copy Table:
    • You can create a new table and under the ‘Advanced Options’ tab, you can select an existing table to copy the column structure from
  • Easy Styling and CSS:
    • The most prominent parts of the table, namely Headers and Cells can have their background and font colors easily adjusted without editing CSS. In addition, a custom CSS class can be added to the table container to more easily target almost any aspect for fine-grained styling.
  • Collapsible Tables:
    • Tables now have the option ‘Enable Collapse’ and ‘Start Collapsed’ that allow you to control how much space the tables take up vertically in your articles. When collapsed, a table looks similar to a spoiler.
  • TextCells Now Wrap:
    • Due to popular requests, standard TextCells will allow the text to wrap to new lines if the text is wider than the cell borders. This will allow more detailed information to display all at once.

World Anvil Prompts v.2.0

Guild Memberships
After a long time, the Prompts feature is coming back and its BIGGER, FASTER, and STRONGER than ever!

  • Get inspired by reading and writing prompts Summer Camp or not.
  • Initially launching with 45 prompts and many more are coming.
  • Ability to refresh so you can get another prompt.
  • Create an article with the prompt above 300 words (public/published) and see it as an answer to the prompts page.
  • Go live on stream and write the prompt along with your viewers.
  • GIVE US YOUR PROMPTS! And see them on the list so others can enjoy them and be inspired by each other

Coming Soon

  • Get badges for completing prompts (badges are being designed!).
  • Each prompt will have ideas, useful links, videos, advice to make it easier for you to fill.


From the widget on your Worlds Dashboard or the Brand new Worldbuilding Prompts page (under Browse if logged in!)

Note: Guild members will soon receive a secret URL to submit your own prompts!

Read more about WorldAnvil prompts in its own featured blog post!

Write Your First Prompt Now!

Go check out the prompts page and add your own today! 

New Character & Statblock Sheets

Guild Memberships
This month, we observed new character & statblock sheets for various games and systems!

Read more here about WorldAnvil supporting the Fading Suns and Castles & Crusades campaigns!

Fading Suns RPG Character Sheet

Lovingly created by Tillerz and Graylion!

Castles and Crusaders Character Sheet

Created by the amazing defender of all newbies, SoulLink enters the scene with his first block!

Sample sheet:

World Global Scrapbook

Guild Memberships
Access a single persistent note visible to all editors of your world from anywhere!


  1. Type Ctrl+Enter to access Artemis II
  2. Write anything you want to the lower part. Then, it autosaves! 🙂

BBCode Tag [imgblock:id|color]

Freeman+ Memberships
Image Blocks are a new style and way to add images with content into your articles. Image blocks display both the image, the artists details, and the excerpt of the image. This makes it super easy to create beautiful panels in your articles! 

Tip: The background image can be used to set a color behind a transparent image!

Article Count

Freeman+ Memberships
Freemen accounts can now check their article count under Articles & Categories!

Map Layer Limitations

Guild Memberships
All limitations on Map Layers have been lifted for Journeyman+ Guild members! Please enjoy an infinite amount of map layers! 

Self-removal of authorship

Guild Memberships
We gave more autonomy to those who are co-owners, editors, or authors of a world by letting them remove themselves from that role.

‘Quality of Life’ Improvements

  • Artemis will no longer accidentally trigger whilst your cursor is active inside an Editor or textbox! If you are editing and wish to use Artemis to navigate, simply click anywhere outside an input area or use the Artemis icon (bow and arrow) at the top of the page to activate Artemis!

Check Out The Updated Project Roadmap!

The project roadmap has been updated to show the current projects being worked on…

The major changes:

1. Project Hercules has been brought forward AND Merged with Project Sappho This is a huge push towards the next generation of tools for Gamemasters and Players

2. 3 new Secret projects announced Hestia (in Progress), Gilbert (In Planning), and Golden Fleece (In Planning)

That’s all we have for the development update rollup for end-of-November 2020. Check back again under Development News in the middle of the month for another rollup of updates! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup from end-of-October to catch up on any news you may have missed!