Happy belated new year! Was last year a wild dream? Apparently so, because I was totally wrong knowing how old I was turning this month. Well, friends, we reached the End-of-January 2021 development rollup update! This update will be especially chunky since it seems December rollups are elusive to me. The holidays can be crazy! Let’s check out what the development team forged these past two months!

RPG Party Page

Guild Memberships
I’d like to introduce a new page for tracking the streams of party members! This can be updated IN or OUT of session so you can easily record and play downtime!

  • Create a party introduction (tags enabled) managed by the players, not the GM.
  • Attach to your party Statblocks for things that are used commonly by the party like vehicles, buildings, empires, 10-foot poles.
  • Manage the PARTY equipment without having to be in session.

RPG Player CharacterMemories

Guild Memberships
Memories is the first implementation of a PLAYER notebook! This is so they can keep track of the people, places, organizations, gossip, leads, myths, etc that they hear AND they can attach them to your articles. So, regardless of what you revealed they can keep information recorded about what they learn!

RPG Quests

Guild Memberships
Dimi completely revamped quests with the ability of the players to manage them in or out of session edit them and organize them!

  • “Personalquests will be visible only to you
  • Types of quests were also added

Open Secrets

Guild Memberships
Secrets are now by default private to their owners! What this means is that in a world with multiple co-authors, ONLY the author of a secret has access to find them in search or edit them Subscribers in a secrets group still have access to it.

Why is This Important: Because now storytellers can now give full access to their players to be co-authors but still keep their secrets, well, secret. If players are co-authors, they can write their own secrets secret from even their storyteller (unless they give him access as a subscriber)

How: You can override this from World > Configuration > Display: Open Secrets if you checkOpen Secretsall editors will have access to all secrets.

This is going to be key for Game Masters that want their player to have a really active part in working in their world. However, keep in mind that your players will have access to private articles. This is just a different way of managing your system!

Search for Manuscripts

master+ Memberships

 Search through manuscripts by their name with partial or full keywords!

Try it out at https://www.worldanvil.com/community/manuscripts 

Article Sidebar Display Override

Guild Memberships
Guild members can choose to display or not display the sidebar of their articles regardless of if the sidebar has content or not. That means that ANY template article can be full width, allowing members infinite design flexibility!

How: Aricle Edit > Sections > Sidebar display

World Activation Coupon

Sage+ Memberships
Completely customize the content of the activation page for coupons in your world!

Chronos (Pre-Release)

Freeman+ Memberships
Events in your timeline now have…

  • An Image cover used on both the timeline and their own pages.
  • Connections to Characters showing the portraits of each character related to them.
  • connection to Organization and will show the flag/crest of each organization related to them.

Also, events related to a character/organization will automatically appear on the sidebar of their articles!

New sidebar

Freeman+ Memberships
  1. To normalize and minimize the number of different element types, Dashboard and View World button is merged on the menu.
  2. Moved the TODO List, Stat Blocks, Tables, and Charts under a new subcategoryTools“, separating theSettings & Toolsinto two.
  3. Unless they are active, Campaigns and RPG Player Characters are removed from the sidebar.
  4. All basic world links are moved one step up, making them bigger and clearer. 
  5. Added faint separators to divide the context of the elements.
  6. Moved Images & Files higher andinthe context of a world (you will still be able to navigate images of other worlds)

A huge thank you goes to all the Guild Members that voted and took part in the discussion that helped to put this feature up!

BBCode Checkbox Tags

Freeman+ Memberships
Checkbox tags and a new [br] tag, the \n ! These are great to create quick checkbox lists like the tasks of a quest!
 [] Checkbox, empty

[c] Checkbox, checked

[r] Checkbox, right chevron

[l] Checkbox, left chevron

[x] Checkbox, timesx

[+] Checkbox, plus/buff

[-] Checkbox, minus/debuff

\n Quick new line (renders a <br>)

One-click ordering articles in categories

Freeman+ Memberships
A simple yet powerful change! Click the button, the articles will be ordered alphabetically from A to Z, and the list will refresh within the category. This was requested heavily, and Dimi woke up one morning with the inspiration of how to do it nicely!

World Subtitle

Freeman+ Memberships
  • A short (255 chars) description of your world appearing right under your world title.
  • It will also be featured in other places like links to your world and world blocks.

How: World Configuration > Homepage > Display Options

Pinned Notifications

Freeman+ Memberships
You can now pin your favorite notifications so you will never lose them!

  • When youremove all notificationsthe pinned ones will NOT be deleted.
  • Pinned notifications will NOT show in the notifications counter.

Ability to disable Prompts

Guild Memberships
If you do not wish to use the prompts system, you can now choose to disable it from your Account Features page.

UI Changes

  • Campaign page redesign – Simplifications and cleanup for a more beautiful looking campaign page
  • Hero/Character page redesign – Simplifications and cleanup for a more beautiful looking profile
  • Ability to hide/show Character menu on World
  • View Category button on Athena (Category info panel)
  • New Menu for Heroes – New sidebar for heroes AND a completely new menu that appears only when you are logged in as a hero to the world of your GM

‘Quality of Life’ Improvements

  • Article specific CSS is now officially available to all guild members!
  • The Dark/Light mode toggle has been moved to the header and is now available to EVERYONE.
  • More intuitive image insertion to articles – The search field for adding an image to an article cover, flag, portrait, or otherwise now accepts [img:id] or simply the ID of the image or, as standard its name.
  • Articles & Categories refresh
    • Articles now begin collapsed
    • Clicking on an article opens it up
    • Clicking on the maximize button on the top right of each list expands all articles (your choice will stay with you)
    • A new indicator has been added to easily show if an article is published or not (red dot)
  • [Guild Memberships] Contained Articles (articles under articles) visibility update
    • All guild member can now see 3 levels down the articles under the articles list from the articles panel


Watch Dimitris and Janet’s most recent development-related Twitch broadcast! They cover the latest breakthroughs and answer the community’s most burning questions!

That’s all we have for the development update rollup for end-of-January 2021. Check back again under Development News in the middle of the month for another rollup of updates! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup from end-of-November 2020 to catch up on any news you may have missed!