You’ve been begging us for a newsletter —and do I have news for you! Because the World Anvil Newsletter is here, and it’s packed with amazing content, the best features of the month, personalized stats, and shiny giveaways!

How do I sign up for the World Anvil Newsletter?

It’s super easy! Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your World Anvil account details
  2. Find the Newsletter box
  3. Enable the checkbox and click the Update your Newsletter settings button

And that’s it! The Newsletter section should look like this:

The World Anvil Newsletter is here!

Sign up for the newsletter by checking the box!

And don’t worry, newsletters are monthly —and if you stop being active on World Anvil, you’ll stop getting emails after three months! We’ll only email you once a month, and you can look forward to your first installment at the beginning of April!

What can I find in the Newsletter?

The Newsletter will come with amazing content to make your worldbuilding experience incredibly smoother! This is what you can expect:

  • Personalized stats: how many articles did you create in the past month? The newsletter will tell you!
  • New features: you know how Dimitris keeps pumping out fantastic features left and right? Well, the Newsletter will keep you up to date on all the latest tools!
  • Upcoming challenges: there’s never an idle month on World Anvil! Between flash challenges, monthly challenges, and the amazing Summer Camp and WorldEmber, you’ll always have something to do! Check out the challenge calendar for 2021 too!
  • Live events: we regularly have worldbuilding celebrities on our streams, so make sure to stay on top of them to hear what the experts have to say!
  • Worldbuilding inspiration and tips! We have at least a weekly video and blog post with fantastic worldbuilding advice —and it’s often relevant to the ongoing challenge, so don’t miss it for a boost to your entry!
  • RAFFLES! We’ll have some amazing and shiny raffles EXCLUSIVE to the newsletter subscribers who are also Guild members!

What do YOU want to see in it?

What are you most excited about? We’ve created the World Anvil Newsletter because y’all asked for it, so we want to make it the best it can be for you! So, go sign up for the newsletter, and let me know your suggestions in the comments!