I find that while building my world, quite often, I need to search through my articles to find out what I said and where I said it about a location, a character or anything else. So far this meant having a million tabs open on my browser and generally being driven insane and becoming more and more stressed.

Of course the solution would be to have those articles open on the same tab as the one I was, but that would have meant an even more cluttered and filled with “stuff” layout, when what I want is a clean and clear interface I can just “write”.  It took some thinking but… I now have a solution for both me and hopefully you, enter the “Overlay

What is the World Anvil Overlay

The overlay simply put is a layer of information on top of the normal interface that will only be in front of your eyes when you want it and only then. It’s activated by pressing Alt + Enter and it is hidden away exactly the same way. This means that I need something, I can open it up, check it and then close it down and continue working!

It might look a bit empty right now, having only one widget, but soon enough there will be many more widgets for you to choose to have loaded there and customize the way they work. Today we start with one of the most important ones, the Previewer.

The Previewer Widget

The previewer, as is in the name allows you to search through your articles, historical entries and stat blocks and preview them. That means, no more multiple windows and no more searching through those tabs to find the article you wanted. Simply press Alt + Enter (it will automatically focus on the previewer’s search) and type the name of the article, stat block or event and then click on the result you want to read through it (or edit it by clicking the edit button)

What is coming

Well it goes without saying that more widgets are certainly on the way

  • World Anvil tags & Codex reference (as a way to quickly access help)
  • Post-notes (selected notes from your notebook)
  • Quicklinks (like an MMORPG quick tab but for pages on your world or the interface)
  • Image Browser (Like the previewer but for images, or this can be incorporated into the Previewer)

There are my ideas. What is it that YOU need? Let me know in the comments below so I can read through them and plan accordingly

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