It is this time of the year again! 2020 Saw a massive amount of changes on World Anvil, some documented on the 2020 Roadmap and others that came as a surprise. I would expect a bit more of the same for 2021.

2021 Will be focused on finishing off the core features of World Anvil so we can go out of BETA (yes we are still in BETA). Once the Beta is over, the focus will be turned towards quality of life, an even stronger user interface and integrations, but we have some core features that I would like us ot add before getting there!

Things to keep in mind

  • The following projects are shown here in the order that they will be completed, but this order can change depending on the features requested on the Features Voting Boards
  • Parts of these projects might/will happen at an earlier time if it serves the speed of building-up World Anvil and the community.
  • There are no dates on this timeline and this is on purpose. In World Anvil we do not put feature deadlines, but work instead in development cycles. Puter better, we set goals and then we smash them!
  • All current and upcoming projects have their basic specification done. The projects coming later are more loosely defined. In both cases you, the community, will have a strong say on their final form. If you want to take part in this process, make sure you join our discord and get your guild roles
  • Minor features and upgrades will be actioned in between major projects

The Roadmap

Project Aristotle (Random Generators) Completed June 2021

Project Aristotle gives the power to everyone to create their own random generators for their worlds and everyone in the community to use the published generators others have created for them. The generators are an advanced module (Under the Studio section) filled with tools to give your creativity the space in needs to expand and build anything you wish!

Minor Upgrades / Community board features round Completed July 2021

Project Chronos (Advanced Timelines) In-Progress

Project Chronos is all about the visualization of time in your world. It will be introducing a completely new type of timeline that will have access to events in your world but also the lives of your people and organizations. The new timelines will be a system of multilayered horizontal “lanes” of events that will also be supported by the ability to define not only their place in time, but also “space” (the final front-ear), by setting the coordinates of these events on a map associated with that event.

Project Hercules (RPG Characters & Campaign Management Upgrade) In-Progress

The focus of Hercules is to give more tools to the players to enjoy the game by allowing them more access to the worlds of their Gamemaster with the ability to have access to write, use maps timelines etc, under the access control of their Gamemaster.

Project Hercules also introduces Discussion Boards (FORUM) and Play-by-Post functionality to World Anvil (this feature was originally under Project Olympus but was moved into the remit of Hercules)

On the Gamemaster side the big changes will come in the World’s form/Campaign Marketplace for the players and upgrades on the Digital Stortyteller screen that will give you access faster and easier to more assets like maps, your image gallery, all your articles and a completely re hauled NPC/Character management system.

Finally, the last part of the recent Statblock Management upgrades will be also be addressed during this project, more specifically the access control (subscriber groups and privacy) part ot it. (Previously project Alexandria)

Minor Upgrades / Community board features round

Project Atlas (Maps Upgrade)

Maps! Maps are very important for worldbuilding. Project Atlas is here to make them better. I will be working to re-haul both the way that you edit your maps but also add features for the way maps are displayed. There are a lot of requests surrounding maps so we will have to talk to you about it before we crystallize how Atlas will look!

Project Hestia (Community Engagement System Part I)

IF there is a single reason that me and Janet spent our days working is for you to have the tools that you need to make your worldbuilding dreams come true. Part of that is to keep you motivated. Project Hestia will introduce a plethora of new features and systems on World Anvil that will help you do that. Introducing prompts, coins and the features voting system was just the beginning. Quests, Duels, Realms and of course a comprehensive Achievements system will complete the first version of Hestia that will make sure you will have always something to do and a fun way to do it!

Minor Upgrades / Community board features round

Project Olympus (World Communities)

Project Olympus will be introducing to World Anvil a wide range of new features dedicated to building communities around your world. You will be able to have your own discussion boards, award achievements to members of your community, run polls, send notifications and updates, and write blogs about your personal life or the development of your project.

Simply put, this is going to be a whole new dimension in World Anvil that will allow you to talk to those who love your work, either your players organizing the next session or the fans of your novels and short stories.

Minor Upgrades / Community board features round

Project Golden Fleece (Tag Management)

The ability to manage your tags, get suggestions and normalize them and feature upgrades related to that.

Project Oracle (World Anvil API version 1)

This is the official development of the World Anvil API. Project Oracle is placed here mostly as a sense-check point. This means that the API is already being developed and some of the developers in our community will be slowly invited to access it, but at this stage, the API will be getting its public view treatment and the work needed to make sure that it can serve content quickly and reliably.

Minor Upgrades / Community board features round

Project Hyperion (Child Worlds)

Hyperion will add the ability to give permissions to others to use part of your world as a parent which will mean have read-only access to your content via their own worlds. Game Systems or Large Campaign Settings will be able to be used as parents or worlds created to run campaigns or extend parts of these worlds with non-canon content. The ability for owners of children worlds to submit content to be canonized is also considered.

Project Flying Brooms and Buckets (It’s the final countdown too-doo-doo-to-doo-doo-too-doo!)

This project is a cleanup and version 1.0 preparation super task, mainly focusing around UI and Quality of Life upgrades on one of the most important sections of World Anvil, its templates. Things like:

  • Order of Template fields not matching up with Order in presentation
  • Incomplete marking for sidebar placement
  • Fields not accepting tags yet tool bar appears
  • Relationship from Template X to Y missing, yet desirable.

… and some other things will be addressed here.

Minor Upgrades / Community board features round


Minor Upgrades / Community board features round

Project Talos TOP SECRET

Project Homer II (Manuscripts v.2.0)

At this point we should be either to the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022 … or maybe much earlier … nobody knows! BUT what I do know is that it will be an incredible journey and that YOU ARE PART OF IT.  We are working day and night to make this the best tool for YOU and nothing will be great without YOUR thoughts and ideas as part of this process.

Join me on Discord, and talk to me on #development-discussion about your ideas and questions, or leave a comment here!

And finally, if you are not a member of the guild, please consider supporting us and helping us make the above and much more a reality for you and everyone else!

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