Salutations wanderer! Please forgive me for such a belated End-of-March 2021 development update rollup. I replenished my coffee stores and even subscribed to a monthly coffee club. Are there any recommendations for energy boosters? Until then, let’s check out what the development team forged this past month!

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Variable Collections v.1.0

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What are Variables?

Not everything in your world requires an article. Some things need to be recorded but are too small to need an article. For example, the translation of a word from a conlang to your native language. Maybe a small sentence about a location in your world which does not merit an article, but you do want it recorded. Also, an equipment item and its properties.

In many cases, you’d like to have the proper name, date, and the value of something recorded to be able to change it globally from a single place. Your world’s population, the abbreviation for your coinage system, or the next date for a festival.

There are many types of variables and they can do miracles for you. Read the discussions in our Discord in the #guild-hall channel about ways that it can be used, but this is a very powerful tool! Go crazy! Get started

You can also read more in-depth information about this new feature here

Here’s a tip! Term, Advanced can include most WAtags (BBcode) which means you can do mouseover to statblocks or images.

World Anvil Overlay 0.1 [BETA] + Previewer Widget

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Introducing the World Anvil overlay, a layer of information and widgets on top of your normal interface! This allows you instant access to everything you need while staying out of your sight/mind when you need to focus.

HOW TO USE: [alt]+[enter] anywhere to activate

The Previewer

Building worlds is a big task, and you need to be able to reference things quickly and easily. The article previewer is the fastest way to read through your articles from anywhere in the panel, including while you are writing another article.

Read more in-depth about this new feature here

The Previewer Widget searches throught your Historical entries AND Statblocks as well!

‘Go back to top’ Button for World Presentation

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World Introduction Quick Editing

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Click, edit, autosave!

Important Note

As of 3/25/2021 (with a grace period of 90 days), the Legacy editor will no longer be supported.

This doesn’t mean it’s going away, it means that after 4 years of service is past its prime and new updates/bugs will not be applied/fixed.

New Map Marker Content

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200 brand new map pins are now available!
Here are numbers 09 in Black on White and White on Black in action!

Search and Select for Pins

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Search through all your available markers and select the one you want.
Can‘t remember one of your pin names or tags? Simple! Alt+Enter and use the referencer! (Available to map/marker pages)

Map Editing Interface Upgrades

  • Separated the list of Markers for the Map.
  • Added the ability to Set privacy from the list of markers.
  • Redesigned the new Marker to make it easier and faster to use.
  • Quick and safe deletion for markers for both map and list.
  • Safely create new marker which does not close unless you smack the close button.

‘Quality of Life’ Improvements

  • Gamemasters can now edit/add/remove equipment to the characters of their players.
  • The Calendars now exist directly under “Tools” and no longer as a submenu of Timelines on the menu.
    • You can still use ctrl+enter “list calendars” (or simply “l cal” to open them using your keyboard)
  • Person Template
    • Added “Pronouns” under the Naming tab
    • Pronouns are now appearing as part of the character name header.
    • Moved “Biological Sex” under the Physical tab
  • The Character world menu now remembers its state (active/inactive). This means if you close it, next time you load a page it will be closed until activated again.
  • It came to Dimitris’ attention that many guild members like to use the notebook when they play as player characters on other people’s campaigns. Thusly, the notebook is now available to guild members when they have a character active!
  • Added Tooltips for some of the elements on Euclid’s bar. Removed the [img] since you need to know the id and the [ menu is so much easier to use with it. Also added [h4] as a button.
  • You can now switch between a spellchecker-enabled container and back in Euclid! (A massive thank you to CaptainFry!)
  • When you create Custom Pins you can now assign them to a world. This means your co-authors can now use the custom pins you have created on the world you have assigned them,


Watch Dimitris and Janet’s most recent development-related Twitch broadcast! They cover the latest breakthroughs and answer the community’s most burning questions!

That’s all we have for the development update rollup for end-of-March 2021. Check back again soon under Development News for another rollup of updates! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup from end-of-February 2021 to catch up on any news you may have missed!