Attention, avid reader! Did you remember to drink water today? Fill yourself up with nourishment? When ultra-focused, sometimes it’s hard to stop, especially when you’re in the zone. As we approach the end of summer, I hope you all remained healthy and safe. Also, if you participated in Summer Camp this summer, I hope you remembered to celebrate what you’ve accomplished! Let’s check out what the team crafted for the End-of-June 2021 development update rollup!

Etiquette Policy

Guild Memberships
We have updated our Etiquette policy to further clarify the following:

Header change from Racism / Bigotry Zero Tolerance to Anti Social Behaviour, Racism, Bigotry – Zero Tolerance

[…] World Anvil is an international creative community which holds support, kindness and helping others as its core tenets. Any antisocial behavior (including but not limited to insults, personal attacks, doxing or disrespectful language) against members of this community, whether in user profile content, articles, comments, private messages or any other form, is unacceptable.

World Anvil holds the right to block, ban or completely remove accounts of members found to participate in any of the above behaviours, without prior notice.

  • Any issues related to the above should be reported directly and exclusively to including: Location that the issue has arisen
  • A clear and succinct description of the event
  • Screenshots relating to the event (if any)

Please view our updated document:

Questions, Comments Concerns?

If you have any questions or thoughts on the following please feel free to contact us at or even better in the #development-discussion channel in our Discord.

Private Comments

Guild Memberships
Starting now, private comments can only be used by Guild Members. This, and several other upcoming changes, are part of our response to recent events in the community.


Grandmaster+ Memberships
Interested in crafting a custom theme? The team made it easier for theme creators to have the option to switch between Bootstrap 3 and 5 AND discard the basic CSS (interface excluded)!

These options can be found under World Settings > Styling > CSS (Advanced) at the bottom of the page. This feature was also submitted via community voting, so don’t be afraid to submit your ideas!

New RPG Sheets

Guild Memberships
It’s been a while since I’ve seen new RPG sheets! 

Dune RPG

Read more about the Dune RPG character manager — ready for World Anvil!

Fallout RPG

Fallout RPG is ready to run on World Anvil thanks to Tillerz!

Forced Article Privacy (on creation)

Guild Memberships
Introducing a new setting for worlds: activate “Article Forced Privacy”! If you do, all articles created on that world will start their life as private even if the world is public.

Where to activate: World Settings > Configuration > Settings > Advanced (right at the bottom)

Toggle automatic creation of guide-articles and campaign

Freeman+ Memberships
Choose to override the automatic creation of guide articles for a selected RPG when creating a new world!

Dashboard User Stream

Freeman+ Memberships
In an effort to bring forward all your amazing creations the last 20 user posts are now visible on the dashboard so you can…

  • Put your news out in the world
  • Get to find new amazing creators

BBCODE: World Blocks

Guild Memberships
Copy a block of a world (similar to an article) and paste it anywhere you wish! This includes the cover or global cover image of the world, its title and subtitle.

Check the Updated Roadmap

Hear ye hear ye! The project roadmap has been updated to show the current projects being worked on!

Community Voted Features

  • Article pages now have CSS classes when they are WIP and for when they are DRAFTS [View on WA
  • “Pronunciation” field added on articles [View on WA
  • Owners can determine whether or not a manuscript has public or private access settings with a new visual icon [View on WA
  • Excerpt added for historical events [View on WA
  • New genre types added [View on WA
  • Toggle ‘saved’ notification for Misokinesis sufferers [View on WA
  • Pin Icons BBcode to display in Articles [View on WA
Organization Template Features

  • Allow unit crests for Military Unit article type [View on WA
  • Added an “Executive Body” field to the Organization template [View on WA
Character Template Features

  • A new field called “Family” is added, which will be an article relation to an Organization template type article [View on WA]
  • Added a new field called “Secondary Ethnicities/Cultures”. This allows for further associating more ethnicities to a character [View on WA
  • Name suffixes [View on WA]
  • Date of Death [View on WA]
  • Display of Parents, Siblings, Children, and Spouses on the Character presentation page [View on WA

‘Quality of Life’ Improvements

  • World Meta is now available to all world authors
  • Delete any comment that someone left on the GUESTBOOK of your profile
  • [Grandmaster Worldsmith+] The [subgroup:ID] tags can now be nested 3-times. This means you can have a subgroup, in a subgroup, in a subgroup, thus creating a small permissions logic tree.


Watch Dimitris and Janet’s most recent community update-related Twitch broadcast! They answer the community’s most burning questions and review the recent Summer Camp Challenge!

That’s all we have for the development update rollup for end-of-June 2021. Check back again soon under Development News for another rollup of updates! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also, check out our previous development update rollup from end-of-May to catch up on any news you may have missed!