We have some new formatting goodies for you to use!

We’re back again to share some new developments in BBCode support to help with article formatting at your own leisure.

BBCode [noparse]

  • We would like to introduce a a new BBcode tag: [noparse] [/noparse]. You can basically use this tag not to render any BBcode inside the tag, with the result showing in the screenshot below. This can be a useful feature when displaying to readers what BBcode is being used under the hood of fancy layouts. 

BBCode support no parse

Anchors and Anchored Headers

  • A new header variant is available to help you create links to headers! You can now use [h1|ID] with the ID signifying the identifier for each header on your text. This ID can be used in any header from [h1] to [h6].  An example for using this functionality is creating a table of contents in your article if you wish. Aside from anchored headers, you can also use the new [anchor|ID] WABBC to create ananchorin your text. So you can use [url=#ID]Text of link[/url] to allow readers to JUMP to the corresponding header or anchor. Think of all the navigational possibilities!

BBcode support anchor

Guild Member Only Enhancements

CSS class for [row]

  • One minor enhancement we added was that WABBC [row] now has the user-row class. Now you can access styling the css for this element by referencing the user-row class!

Ads for Visitors

  • As a move towards helping people present their worlds better and be able to monetize their work (aka make money out of their art), visitors of GRANDMASTER+ worlds no longer see any adds! As a bonus, Co-Authors of Grandmaster and above will see no Ads for worlds in the panel!

We hope you enjoy tinkering with these new tools, so get out there and make some fancy articles!