Seasons greetings! Have you been seeking new shiny things? We have some sweet new features for you as magical as fresh powdered snow! Also, tis the season for WORLDEMBER! If you’re partaking in the challenge, I’m wishing you the best! I’m going to be a mom and remind you to hydrate, get sleep, and regularly take breaks. Speaking of taking breaks, have a mini one and let’s get cozy by the worldbuilding fire to review the development update rollup for the end-of-November!

WYSIWYG version 1.0

This has been a long anticipated feature for many an Anvilite! WYSIWYG, also know as “What you see is what you get”, is a new type of editor for World Anvil. It allows you to preview an approximation of how content will look like in presentation mode and makes it easier for you to write. That means no longer needing to learn how to use the World Anvil BB Code tags, and that most of the things you need to is easier. Many thanks to members Xuroth and CaptainFry, as well as members of the Alchemists Council for their invaluable help to Dimitris to bring this feature to life!

IF you want to use the tags, you can always use the last button on the editor[ ]which will flip you to SOURCE mode. For those that want to use the old editor, you can always navigate to your settings, then Interface & Accessibility, and revert back to “Legacyeditor under Editor Selection. Finally if you still want to use the new editor but you prefer the source code as your primary mode, you can also set it under Default Editor Mode within the Interface & Accessibility settings. We suggest that you do especially if you extensively use the most advanced coding like container and section tags.

TIP: You can now use Shift+Enter while on WYSIWYG to create really nice and quick [br]s

found a bug?

If you find issues not on this board, please report them in our Discord in the #development-discussion channel by mentioning @Xuroth | Eranyth

Quick Subscriber Group Assignment to Articles

Not keen on opening every article to assign subscriber groups? No need to fear! Dimitris provides the fastest way to give and take access to your players, followers etc!

Go to (your article list with Access & State list mode selected) and assign your subscriber groups with ease!

article list statistics

Dimitris brought back Comments, Likes, Wordcount, Dates and Status for all articles under the Statistics list mode. Available to all guild members!

menu makeovers

Several menus in various areas have gotten some love recently to make it easier for users to navigate the multiple facets World Anvil has to offer!

new world menu

Created to visually separate and make it clearer as you navigate World Anvil.

create menu

Previously labeled “Summary“, and now calledCreate“. This menu allows better and quicker access to all elements that can be created in a world!

specialized article list

A new specialized article list groups articles under the following major category types:

  • Character
  • Building
  • Geographic Location
  • Organization
  • Settlement
  • Species

Article Lists in Green Button

Have access to all types of Article Lists from the Green button!


timelines & Calendars

Timelines and Calendars are now grouped under one link.

New Theme: World Ember

Is it getting hot in here? It’s gotten hotter because this brand new sexy theme by TJ Trewin is now available for all to enjoy! 

move article to another world

Moving articles between worlds is now available to all Guild Members! This can be a great way for people with private worlds to take part in public challenges. If you wish to move an article, go into Edit mode and find Move Article to Another World under the Additional Actions section on the right hand side!

quality-of-life improvements

  • Magical Kitties Save the Day RPG system has been added.
  • Global Announcements are now visible on the footer of Prose articles.
  • The world homepage page has now the CSS class .page-world-homepage applied to the top container.
  • All Guild members get a new, simplified, and improved footer on their worlds (presentation especially).
  • If a user visiting does not have access to private article links in the sidebar (such as the example below), these will no longer be displayed UNLESS the owner of the world (Sage+) has enabledSECURED LINKSon their world.
  • When choosing a PIn for your maps your Custom Markers will now appear first on the list alphabetically, then the others will be listed after alphabetically as well.

That’s all we have for the development update rollup for now. Check back again under Development News at the middle of the month for another rollup of updates for December! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also check out our previous development update rollup for mid-November to catch up on any news you may have missed!