A warm welcome to you traveler! Have you sought out knowledge about World Anvil’s newest developments? Then you’ve come to the right place! During the last two weeks, Dimitris focused on releasing a brand new guild exclusive feature: Custom Article Templates! Other updates include adding article specific CSS capabilities, more improvements made by Ademal to the Calendars feature, and some theme updates. I present to you the development update rollup for mid-October!

Custom Article Templates

Grandmasters and above can now create standardized templates for your world AND also completely redesign the way the standard templates look and feel! Those who activated Alchemist mode had access to this feature while it was evolving to its final form.  

Feature Not Final Form

Find and play with this new feature under the Creative’s Studio. Choose any of World Anvil’s standard templates to use as a parent template and go wild my friend!

Custom Article Templates

Dimitris also provided a downloadable ZIP file resource to help those who are looking to design new templates!

Check Out the tutorial!

A few days ago, Dimitris went live on Twitch to demonstrate this awesome new feature! Watch the replay of this broadcast here! Remember to hit that Follow button to be notified when we come online. We also announce development updates, events, and interview other wonderful creatives! 

Article CSS Implementation

Have you ever thought “Is it possible to have even more power over my CSS?”. The answer is YES! Here, have more control over your CSS down to the very article! Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Go to the [Design] tab of the article you want to edit to reach the new Article CSS section!

Article CSS

Calendars Release 0.6.0

Calendars has been continuously getting some TLC with the introduction of new features and the smashing of bugs. This feature is now accessible to all guild members! 

We value your feedback

Remember to check out the Codex Guide to Calendars for more information and feel free to leave feedback directly to our developers here! You can even check out their backlog! Huge shoutout to Ademal for providing all the screenshots you are about to see in this WALL of mighty-timey-organizey goodness! 

Calendar Celestial Bodies

Celestial bodies

You can now see your celestial objects in the calendar and customize their icon, colors, and lore!

Hide Weekdays from view option

Within the [Weekdays] section of the calendar editor, you can toggle if weekday names will appear on the top of a month in the presentation of the calendar.

Calendar Default Render Year

default render year

If you do not specify a year when embedding a calendar, or you specify 0, then it will instead use the default year you input from the editor.

Calendar Compact Interface

Compact interface

The entire editor interface now begins collapsed and fields are added dynamically instead of requiring a pre-declaration.

Themes & Design

In case you use any of these, the World theme Galaxy Anvil (made by Sierra) and the Interface theme Terror of the Deep (made by TJ) had some updates recently to their look and feel!


 Are you a Grandmaster Worldsmith, Sage, Worldsmith of the Inner Sanctum, Legendary Worldsmith, or Deity of Creation? Do you want to get access to all the features first and get to give your feedback? 

You can now activate Alchemist mode and get access to all the Pre-releases before everyone else! If you are a part of our Discord, we welcome you to discuss these features in the #alchemist-lab channel!

That’s all we have for the development update rollup for now. Check back again under Development News at the end of the month for another rollup of updates for October! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also check out our previous development update rollup for the end of September to catch up on any news you may have missed!