It’s simple to explain but it will make your life and the life of all your players SO MUCH EASIER!

When you search for a term via the world search bar on the top left of your world’s presentation, it will now the first search for the title of the article but right after it will try to find any mention of that term in your vignette (basic content), excerpt, tags etc.

That means that looking for something you cannot remember where it is mentioned just became ten times faster and easier!

Autocomplete full search

Of course, the results presented on your world’s presentation are filtered by the access checker, this means that your players and readers will never see articles or content you don’t want them to see.

The same functionality is implemented also on your panel, that means that when you are working and you want to find something but you cannot remember which article it was in, or if you want to change all instances of something you can now very easily track it down!

More will be coming on this feature very soon!

This feature is available for all guild members above Master Join the guild or upgrade today!