We released a new feature and numerous enhancements last week!

Dimitris hammered out so many new worldbuilding tools for you all! From a new language option to loads of new template content, check out details for each item below.


Language Translations

The first drop of translations is now on the website! If you are not an english speaker and you havent done it already, head to you account details and set your language. As the amazing translation team worksyou will slowly see the website transforming into your mother tongue. How cool is that?

Language translation list

If helping the Translation team interests you, check our Official Call for World Anvil Translators for more information!



  • New BBcode [author:username] can be used as an alias for [user:username]. For example, you can use this for crediting co-authors for an article.
  • You can stylize the Current Display Date field in your world’s configuration, located underneath Time Setting, using BBcode!

Example of using [quote] for the Current Display Date

  • There are CSS classes that now define the belligerents columns in the Military Conflict template. This allows guild members to stylize these sections!


To assist users to view the site in the contrast they desire, users now have the ability to set what form style they prefer! Configure your style under Interface Settings when clicking on your profile picture. White lettering on a dark background OR black lettering on a white background is available for ALL users!

form style

To make the site’s interface more user friendly, we also highlighted the edit buttons at the top when viewing your articles in presentation mode.

highlighted edit buttons

If you have a Discord for your world, it can now be added to the myriad of social media links at the footer of articles! You can set this link in your world’s settings under the Social section.

social media discord link

Template/Timeline Updates

  • Does a character in your world have unique circumstances when they came and left your world? Elaborate in the new Circumstances ofBirth and Circumstances of Death fields in the Character template underneath the Profile tab.

circumstances birth and death

  • The Ethnicity template now has a new prompt, the Art & Architecture field under the Customs tab. This makes a great opportunity for images to be featured here!

art & ethnicity

  • The Growth Rate & Stages field is moved after the Genetics & Reproduction field within the Species template. This makes the thought process easier for users while writing and scrolling down through the Basic Details tab.

field organization

  • An Alternative Name field is added for the Geography, Building/Landmark, and Settlements templates. The new Inhabitants Demonym field is also a useful tidbit for readers to know how to address specific groups of people!

alternative names


  • Conditions now can have a parent condition, which can be set under the main Condition tab. It’s kind of frightening to think about conditions having children!

parent condition

  • We now alphabetically order Timelines on your World Page by title. Easier to view, and easier to find what you’re looking for!

timeline ordering

  • You can write up to 3 lines in the the Publication Status field of the Document template. We removed the previous character limit.

We hope these various world building tools level up your World Anvil experience!