Last year World Anvil launched its second flag ship competition, called Summer Camp: A mid-year competition meant to complement our annual World Ember event, which challenges worldbuilders to complete 30 prompts in 30 days. It was a roaring success, with over 3,500 competitors and nearly 30,000 entries!

This year we’re very happy to announce that Summer Camp is back for round two– kicking off at 12 am Pacific Standard Time (that’s 8 am for you Brits out there) on July 1st!

For Those of you who participated last year, welcome back! We know some of our biggest names in the community got their starts during Summer Camp (including the amazing Swordsfall, and the ever beloved Qurilion), and we absolutely look forward to seeing what our amazing veterans return with this year!

Of course, our community has grown significantly over the last year; we’ve now surpassed the 300k mark, and our membership just keeps growing– which means a lot of new faces for this year’s competition… So for those of you who are new out there, welcome to World Anvil! 

Whether you’re a cherished Veteran or beloved Newbie, though, this is your Summer Camp 101 course for Summer Camp 2019- hosted by your loving Forge Mother Hummingbird

Before we get started, however, we’d like to take a moment to refer you back to last year’s Summer Camp entries. This includes our prep guide and original F&Q– as well as our Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4 roundups; much of Summer Camp’s premise remains the same as last year’s events. So we encourage you to read them- especially if this is your first time participating in the challenge. 

Now without further ado, let’s jump into what’s changed this year!

A little change to Summer Camp Rules…

Over the history of World Anvil we’ve done our best to encourage our users to credit the artists whose media they use. Some embedding features available on our site (such as Soundcloud and Youtube) already do this for you. But users are still responsible for adding the appropriate artist credits whenever they upload an image.

… Unfortunately, we still don’t see it done as often as we’d like …

This year we’re taking our dedication to creators of all stripes one step further- including minor changes to how we handle artist credits in regards to community challenges. The biggest change is that articles will no longer be eligible to win prizes in competitions (nor be eligible for Daily Community Features, or appearances on our weekly Twitch Streams) if the art used is not properly attributed- including self created art, and public domain or fair use works.

We’ve already talked about this recently in How To Have Your Article Featured. We have plenty more resources coming out over the next month, however, to help users learn how to properly attribute art… So stay tuned for more on that front! And as always: If you have any questions, our lovely Enchanter Team is available both on social media, and in our Discord Server to help you out.

New Features- Just In Time for Summer Camp!

Yep, you read that right: Our lovely Dimitris and Co. have been hard at work over the last year, dropping new features left and right… Among those are more than a few gems that’ll be a huge help during this year’s Summer Camp challenge!

Of course, you must submit new articles for the challenge- just like last year. So no re-using last year’s articles or drafts… But if you want to get a head start while you wait for that proverbial icecream cone to drop? You can use the new Notebook 2.0 release to keep your Summer Camp notes organized- or create a few stubs (50 words or less) from all the ideas you already have buzzing around that head of yours… And the new Focus Mode for the edit panel will help keep you in the zone and distraction free all July long!

And New Summer Camp sponsors!

Many of our sponsors from last year’s Summer Camp have returned to us this year- including DUNGEONFOG, and Tabletop Loot. But some amazing new sponsors have entered the arena, too. That’s right… New faces to our sponsorship ring include the likes of: Icecream Dice, Harpscorp, Kyanite Publishing, Cantrip Candles, and more!

We’re still not done, though! On top of the amazing sponsors listed above, we we also have a host of sponsors from within our own community. These wonderful individuals include Guy Sclanders (Great GM), Ethnis RPG, Ironrise Games, Caeora, and Swordsfall, among others.

Needless to say, this year is leading up to be one of our biggest prize draws yet.

Are you excited? I know I am!

With 30 prompts in 30 days, our Summer Camp event is a great way to get motivated to work on your world… So how does one participate? It’s simple!

If you haven’t already, dash on over to our (newly redesigned) landing page and sign yourself up for an account; while we’d love to see you join The Guild, however, don’t worry! Our simple freeman account has the same great base features as the other account options we offer.

Next, consider joining our Discord Server; with over 10,000 users, a robust staff, and multiple help channels? Our Discord is an active community of Worldbuilders just like you… All of whom are ready to help you make it through the challenge- and inspire you along the way. So grab a friend, and come say hi to our community!

All that’s left once the to-do list is done, is wait for the drop… And remember: This year’s Summer Camp will be kicking off on July 1st, 2019, at 12 pm Pacific Standard Time (USA) / 8 am British Standard Time (UK)!

Still don’t have your Summer Camp fix just yet? Try checking out the Summer Camp Homework Prompts from our Master of Games!