We’re INCREDIBLY proud to announce this – we finally have the World Anvil Worldbuilding Podcast up and running!

What is the World Anvil Worldbuilding Podcast?

Every month this year we’ve been tackling a worldbuilding theme – unpacking it and getting inspired on our weekly streams! Our podcast episodes are mostly these worldbuilding interviews which we’ve been doing with incredible (and very prestigious) professional writers and GMs, and Professors in the field. And we’ve had some amazing guests in the past: award-winning GM Guy Sclanders from the How to be a Great GM youtube channel, a real-life Professor of Worldbuilding Dr. Trent Hergenrader, and best-selling author Sarah R Painter. Upcoming guests include bestselling and awardwinning author Brian McClellan, creator of the Powder Mage series.

How often does it come out?

We’ll be releasing content every week or so, both new content from upcoming interviews as well as content from the back catalogues. Most of our episodes come in two parts, too, so there’s plenty of worldbuilding goodness to be had. Stay tuned for a wealth of worldbuilding information and inspiration! And if you want to help out, please leave us a review at one or more of the locations you can find us! It really helps the podcast grow and be recommended to others.

You can find all our episodes to date here:

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I want to know what you think!

  • Have a topic you’d like us to discuss on the podcast?
  • Maybe a guest you’d like us to invite on?
  • Is there another platform you’d like us to get this podcast on?

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