Interactive maps are a great way to encourage more visual readers to explore your world. If you’re a GM, they can also make your sessions easier to run, and a whole lot cooler for players. In this live webinar, we’re going to show you how World Anvil can make your maps more useful, by adding pins, markers, layers, and links to other maps – and the rest of your worldbuilding.

Join Madeline, our Community Liaison, as we cover the basics of uploading and enhancing maps, as well as linking maps & articles, and other advanced features to help make your world visually richer, and make running ttRPG sessions smoother!

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Resources for static maps (the base layer of your interactive map)!
  • How to use pins to link maps to articles, stat blocks… or other maps!
  • How to create draggable pins to track party progress!
  • How to use markers to show clues, roll tables & NPCs on mouseover!
  • How to organize your maps to find the info you need faster!

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