Greetings fellow Anvilites! Dimitris wasn’t the only one cranking out features left and right these last two weeks. Ademal has also been working his development magic on one of World Anvil’s newest features: Calendars! Other updates include improvements to world homepages,  map markers, and an exclusive opportunity to try out the site’s newest features before they are released. Here is the development update rollup for end-of-September!

World Homepage Upgrades

Faster Loading Times

Imagine your world full of content, with multitudes of published articles and maps. Before, all that content would take a good while to load. Well, Dimitris casted a permanent Haste spell and now your world homepage loads 400% faster! That’s like…super fast!


There are several new navigational functionalities related to categories!

  •  Right/middle-clicking a Category will open to a new page.
  • Clicking on a closed category expands the right-side panel to display the Category description and all article blocks within that Category. Clicking on an open category will also collapse the right-side panel.
  • Disabling the Table of Contents disables the World Codex column, and loads maps in its place. 

Custom World Homepage Column Layout

From our last development update rollup, creators were given the ability to customize column content. Now you can now choose in which column the Table of Contents, Maps, and Timelines will appear!

A special feature has also been implemented for Deities as requested! A new full width column above the 3 columns is open to any sort of content. Truly, the Deities have the power!

Draggable Map Markers

Maps got some love recently with the addition of draggable map markers! Editing your maps is becoming easier and easier.

Calendars Releases v.0.4 – V.0.5.1

The Calendars first debuted during our last development update rollup announcement as a Labs release, fresh from the forge. Currently, this new feature can be accessed by Grandmaster + guild members. So many enhancements and bug fixes have been going into this feature during such a short time span, and many more will be implemented just in time for the holidays. Once V.0.6 goes live, all Journeymen guild members and above will have access to Calendars!

We value your feedback

Remember to check out the Codex Guide to Calendars for more information and feel free to leave feedback directly to our developers here! You can even check out their backlog! Huge shoutout to Ademal for providing all the screenshots you are about to see in this WALL of mighty-timey-organizey goodness! 

Copy Calendar ID to Clipboard

Like everything else has, from articles to maps, where it copies to the clipboard.

Navigational Tabs

Editor mode for Calendars is now tabbed like presentation mode.

Holiday Editor deletion

An enhancement for streamlining your holiday creation and destruction needs.

Holiday Customization

Mark holidays without notes! Use this for:

  • Styling the day without having text

  • Showing a title without having an associated note

Custom Event Icon

Customize which font awesome icon is used on the Event button of your calendars! This is seriously one of my favorite features. If you go to Font Awesome’s list of available free icons to use, you have more than 1500+ to choose from!

Multiple Calendars

Have multiple calendars in the same article! Even the same calendar, if for some reason you want that. Sounds like fishy Time Lord reasons to me.

CSS Tags

The editor now shows how many css tags youve added to a date.

CSS Calendar Selector

Conveniently style your calendars with a per-calendar css selector!

.user-css .calendar-[id]{

//Where [id] is the calendar id. (ex: calendar-20011)


BBCode Descriptions

Add BBCode to style descriptions to months from the editor! On the calendar presentation, these will appear above the table of dates and below the navigation bar. These sections do not support [containers:] and [sections:] at this time, but do support all other standard site BBCode.

Default Styles

Not strong with the ways of CSS but still want event stylings? We got your back. There’s 10 default styles that you can add to events with the click of a button!

First weekday toggle

Set your calendar to restart the week at the start of each month.


Import and export your calendar as a JSON format! Right now you can only import WA format, but later on, imports will be allowed from other sites that have an export.

Latest editor visual rehaul…

What you see above is the most recent view of the Calendars editor to date! Wow, what a whirlwind of upgrades to this newly forged feature! All this was just for Calendars. We’re not even done with all the updates! Remember to hydrate and maybe grab a drink before you keep on reading.

New Theme: Terror from the deep

If you haven’t noticed recently, a new dark blue theme has emerged from the depths! Our very own TJ designed this theme for the entire World Anvil site.  You can now choose between Terror from the Deep, Heroes, or Villains theme under your Interface Settings! Feedback is welcome in our Discord, just ping @TJ | Melior under the #development-discussion channel!

monetization features

For enabling members with more monetization tools, Dimitris implemented the ability to display private links and blocks! He has also moved monetization configurations to its own section within your World Configuration Settings. 

Quality-of-Life Enhancements

Article blocks now inherit the overrides from the World Global Cover, Category Cover, and/or Theme cover.

Clicking on the link icon on the right side of the categories will now open the category on a new page.
Finally, the “Proficiencies” field is added to the DnD 5e character sheet as a way to define which skills have them.


Are you a Grandmaster Worldsmith, Sage, Worldsmith of the Inner Sanctum, Legendary Worldsmith, or Deity of Creation? Do you want to get access to all the features first and get to give your feedback? 

You can now activate Alchemist mode and get access to all the Pre-releases before everyone else!

That’s all we have for the development update rollup for now. Check back again under Development News mid-month for another rollup of updates for October! Until then, let us know in the comments what feature you’re excited about! Also check out our previous development update rollup for the mid September to catch up on any news you may have missed!