Janet of the Forge has put together a three part Youtube primer on Immersive Worldbuilding. She has a ton of advice on how to use the senses to immerse your readers and make your world memorable.

In video one, Janet covers how to use sight to frame your scene. Features such as colour, texture and shape can be manipulated to transform the feeling of a room, world or dungeon.

In video two, Janet serves up advice about scent and taste. From perfume to pig styes, smells and tastes can be a strong way to immerse your reader. Janet provides advice on the symbolism you can bring into the worldbuilding with these senses.
In video three, Janet brings together touch and hearing, breaking down the components of these senses. Learn how to show your readers, and use touch and hearing to hint at plot, emotion and scene. From onomatopoeia to the senses beyond the traditional seven, such as time, pressure, movement and balance. Janet provides a full break down of how to use these. Further, how to take into account your fantasy and science fiction species own unique senses.

When you’ve finished watching, grab your hammer, and go worldbuild! Share your creativity with us in the comments.