Non-Player Character Sheets the Great GM Style

Do you find it difficult to create dialogue for non-player characters in your RPG campaign? Looking for inspiration to create meaningful interactions for your players with non-player characters in your world? We have a special feature for you! You can now create NPC sheets (not stats) via the Character Template!

RPG NPC Character Sheet Fodder

This example show prompts specifically for the “Fodder” NPC template.

You can find several NPC types to choose from above your storyteller private notes: Fodder, Plotter, and Nemesis/Villain. Each option has a set of their own specific prompts to help you develop their purpose in your setting! These sheets will be hidden to everyone apart from you, the author, as previewed in the image below.

We hope these new RPG templates help you easily and efficiently create your epic campaigns! Don’t forget to check out Guy’s video where he further explains the function, purpose, and benefits of these lovely NPC templates!