Feature BannerIt’s time to get ready because these new features are coming in hot!

We have a new template everyone! Please welcome, and use to your benefit, the Military Conflict Template! Record details about your war, battles, and sieges with ease!

Hold onto your content Anvilities! The Super Access Menu has been released for all! No matter where you are on the website, you are one step away from creating anything from Articles, to Notes, Timelines, Secrets, etc.! Simply right click on the new shiny green hammer button on the bottom right of your page when logged into your World Anvil account.

Have so many secrets in your world you need to track for your subscribers or players? Secrets now exist outside of articles and we have organized ALL THE SECRETS in your world in one convenient location!

Need a quick tooltip to quickly elaborate on a person/place/thing or handle those abbreviations like a boss? We got you covered with a new BBCode tag!

Use case example: [tooltip:Your text of the title here]The actual text here[/tooltip]

We also have an enhancement to provide for you in BBCode! Using ‘[user:Dimitris]’ will now display the first and last name if one is set for that user (if not it will default to username).

We hope you all have a blast utilizing these new features for building and organizing your worlds. Be on the lookout for new templates and features coming soon!