We hammered and grinded out another glorious feature: The Material Template!

Ever needed to go a little deeper to the source of things? To flesh out properties and components? You’re in luck! The New Material Template allows the creation of articles defining the properties and usage of all sorts of materials residing in your world, from raw/trade materials to products! Think of…

  • Strange metals
  • Magical Elements
  • Toxic Gases
  • Poisonous elements
  • Weird and amazing Woods

… if you can think of it, this template can help you write it!

Material Template

We also sprinkled in 2 Enhancements!

  • Autocomplete search in a world’s homepage page now shows 10 not 5 results.

Autocomplete search

  • To ensure that Subscriber and Co-author slots are noteatenby the system, Subscribers and Co-authors are deleted from the archived world immediately when a world is deleted. [GUILD ONLY]

Now get out there and forge a material filled world!