Dimitris has recently hammered out so many new worldbuilding tools for you all! From a TO-DO list, to custom privacy pages, check out details for each item below.


TO-DO List [Major Guild Feature]

Need some help organizing what you need or want to do for your world? Presenting the TO-DO list for all guild members, now visible on your worlds dashboard and any article edit page! Every time you create a placeholder an item will be added to your list, and clicking on the item will allow you to create an article for it. You will be able to view the article created from the item and the date it was created. If you’d like to create your own TO-DO item, simply click the View All Items to go to the TO-DO List page and fill out the fields on the right hand side.

TO-DO List

Only a maximum of 20 items will appear in the list on the world dashboard and an article’s edit page (the most important ones) while you can view the rest by clicking the View All Items link at the bottom of the list. 

Nested Articles

To help further organize your world, you can now set a parent article for your articles! The children articles will appear at the bottom of the parent articles page and nested under its parents on the Table of Contents. 

In order to simplify navigation, writing Next/Previous/Parent articles now have a link to the article they refer to and the parent article sidebar contains a list of all its children articles.

Random Work in Progress Article

To help motivate you to finish your articles, a random article still in WIP will appear at the top of your articles list! It’s also easier to remove the status when you are editing your article.

Custom Privacy Pages [Grandmasters+]

Grandmasters and above can now choose which pages people see when they navigate to PRIVATE articles of a PUBLIC world. Go to your worlds settings and under the Custom Access Denied Page field choose which page you want people to see when reaching a private page. This can help you advertise your world, Patreon, etc.


  • Your profile now shows the worlds you are a co-author in as well under your Personal Worlds

  • Your can now choose not to show the previously namedAdditional Articles” which are now called “Uncategorized”.
  • Setting a parent article removes the article from any category automatically.
  • There is now an indicator for private categories on the categories list.

  • Moved save button for World Configuration on the top right of the page to minimize required scrolling.
  • New location types: Isthmus, Shoal, Skerry, Cove, Bodden.
  • Theme updates to Notebook and Galaxy Anvil.
  • New translation batch update.

What’s Coming Up?

Dimitris is officially starting the pre-development cycle for Exporting and Printing (Phase I).  This will include HTML exporting of Articles and possibly worlds as one document (ability to export images will not be available for now).

We hope these powerful worldbuilding tools bring your World Anvil experience to new heights! Do you see a feature or enhancement here you are interested or excited to use? Leave a comment and let us know!