The information on this blog post might be outdated! Check the documentation for the most up-to-date information about this feature.

So, you have an article and you have written in it everything about your big bad, including a link to their lair, the address of his mom’s house and his favourite kind of cake.

The problem is that what you want your players to know is that he is their friend George the goblin surfer dude and not the rest.

Before today, you’d have to probably create either a second article or not link things or create, a very complicated secrets structure, well… NO MORE!Β 

The new Visiblity Toggle will allow you to choose which parts of each article your players can or cannot see. And by parts I mean:

  • Article Sections (as filed on the form)
  • Containers i.e. [container:secret-cake-love]George loves chocolocate cake[/container]
  • Sections i.e. [section:mom-address]123 Evil Road, Helltopia[/section]
  • Images
  • Maps
  • Links in the sidebar to other articles
  • Quotes
  • Alouds
  • and … I am pretty sure I am forgetting some but, you got the point!

How does it work

Even better, you can do that from the presentation interface. Just view your article and choose what you want the players to be able to see and what to stay hidden until you decide it’s time!

To hid something just mouse over the section, image, map etc. and an eye icon will appear. Click on it and the section will go dim. That’s it. You are the only one that can see this now (well you and your co-authors but nobody else)

Who can use it?Grandmaster

Due to current implications on what you can do with this feature (and it’s a lot), this is a Grandmaster+ (click here to upgrade)Β  for the foreseeable future.

If you have upgraded from another guild membership, you might have to activate the feature to use it! Check out the Codex guide for more information on how to enable or disable them.

Pros & Cons

The visibility toggle does not have subscriber groups attached to it. which makes it a less agile tool than secrets but much faster, simpler and cleaner to use.

The technology and tricks I used on this are a preamble for a lot more cool features on the presentation side and I am quite excited about that!


Do you have any features/things you’d like to be able to do on the presentation mode?


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