My favorite thing about Summer Camp is how the community comes together to support each other and create amazing things. Like every year, some people in the community have created tools and resources to help their fellow campers. Here are some of them—check them out and share the love!

Graylion’s personal progress tracker

Looking for a way to track your Summer Camp progress during July? Graylion has created a tracker that works basically like an RPG statblock, which means you can embed it right into your world (for example, in your prep/homework article). Check this for an example, and instructions to set it up for yourself!

Summer Camp tracker sheet by Graylion

Catoblepon’s and Hanhula’s spreadsheets

If you’re a fan of spreadsheets, Catoblepon and Hanhula have you covered! Their spreadsheets will help you visualize your progress and plan your Summer Camp strategy. And there’s even a multiplayer version, so you can check the collective progress of your community or friends group! And as a bonus, the singleplayer sheet includes some random advice from Eugene, the (un)helpful udan.

Here are the sheets—make a copy to use them:

SC spreadsheet tracker

Hallucigenia’s article banner collection

Looking for an article banner but don’t want to spend time this month looking for images and cropping them into the right size? Hallucigenia put together a collection of public-domain images that you can freely use, with the perfect aspect ratio for an article cover. Some depict specific images, while others are abstract patterns. Check it out!

Hallucigenia's Summer Camp article covers

Community Camps

As is tradition, some community members have created sub-communities around different vibes or focuses:

  • Camp Feral (started by strixxline): for Anvilites who simply cannot contain their hype for Summer Camp and will pounce on homework and prompts like a rabid raccoon.
  • Camp on Stream (started by Moonlight Bard): for the streamers and the podcasters who are doing special Summer Camp-themed content.
  • Camp Chill (started by nnie): for Anvilites who prefer to take things at their own pace.

Camps have their own unofficial badges too, which make a great addition to your articles or prep document!

Do you know any other community-made resources? Leave a comment below!

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