Have you ever imagined attending a 2 day-long online worldbuilding master class? Well, this dream is no longer a fantasy —it’s real life! We are introducing the Circle of Worldbuilders (CoW for short), a collaboration between World Anvil, Dungeon Fog, GreatGM, and Caeora.

What is CoW Con?

CoW Con is an online weekend-long workshop where expert worldbuilders and GMs will walk game masters of all levels through the creation of intriguing campaigns. You will learn how to plot campaigns, design engaging encounters, and create an immersive setting. The workshop is system-agnostic, so don’t worry if you don’t play one of the big games! The explanations will be focused on creating stories, lore, and plots rather than mechanics.

The event, which is free to attend, will take place on May, from Saturday 30th to Sunday 31st, and will start at 10am Pacific time each day. During the first day, you’ll learn the principles of worldbuilding and campaign creation. On the second day, you will be invited to share your work to get critique from experts! Sounds cool, huh? Sign up to the newsletter to take part and get more information! Even though CoW is free to attend, people who sign up will have a chance to have their work reviewed by experts.

Who is part of the Circle?

The Circle of Worldbuilders is a collaborative effort between Dungeon Fog, GreatGM, Caeora, and World Anvil. Dungeon Fog is the best software to create battle maps for any genre (they are also developing Project DEIOS!). GreatGM is an award-winning game master, screenwriter, author, and YouTuber, the face of the How to be a Great GM channel. Caeora‘s maps have been used all over the world, including Critical Role, and he is a professional DnD streamer. Finally, if you are here you probably know what World Anvil is, the ultimate worldbuilding tool!

The Circle of Worldbuilders is in good hands, so sign up now and step up your worldbuilding game!