We’ve got a special type of Flash Challenge for you this time! We’ve teamed up with Tim from Bonus Action to create a Flash Challenge with a difference! 

This time we want you to create an item that is unique, wondrous, or magical. We want you to use the item template and you will find a link to the prompt down below.

“It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done.”

― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky


Bonus action item

By Bonus Action

A denim cat bed, a magical statuette, a unique and mighty sword, a portal door, a long furby body pillow, black toilet paper to match your soul, a deodorant that smells like freshly minted money. What kind of special items exist in your world?

There are a lot of items that you can write about, maybe your characters favorite item that they got from their mother when they became an adult? An item that is used by a culture in your world for a tradition? What makes it wondrous or magical? Why is it unique? Did the person who owns it make it? Was it made by a deity?




“I never pick up an item without thinking of how I might improve it.”

― Thomas A. Edison

– First, you need a World Anvil account.

Bonus Action coat

By Bonus Action

– Write about your item in an item template article.

– Minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 1500 words.

– One article per account, one person per account.

– The article needs to be public.

– Submit the article before the 14th March, at 12:01AM GMT (the site time, look at the bottom of almost all pages of WorldAnvil.)

– Go to this Prompt page and create your article. Create an item that is unique, wondrous, or magical.



“I wonder sometimes if manufacturers of foolproof items keep a fool or two on their payroll to test things.”

― Alan Coren

Bonus Action

By Bonus Action

– Tim will pick his favorite items from the entries and draw those items as gifts for the creators! He’ll even come on stream over on WorldAnvil Twitch channel and give us a bit of feedback on his favorite entries! 

-The pride of having finished an article.

-Fun with friends, if you haven’t joined the discord do so and join in on the fun on the #challenge-discussion channel. (#sync-your-roles to see it) You can find a link to the discord at the top right corner after clicking the circle with a question mark.

-Some articles might even be featured on the site over on the community tab.




I collect items like Elvis Presley clock radios and ’50s memorabilia. It inspires a lot of my imagery. I like tasteful trash.

― Pete Burns

You can look forward to another Community Challenge run by our Master of Games, Barron, during March. Also, check out this blog post for more information about our challenges for this year.


Who is Tim from Bonus Action?

Tim from Bonus Action

Tim, also known as Bonus Action, is an illustator and designer, and also part of the World Anvil community! In 2018 he began posting his homebrew creations on Instagram, and since then he’s made over 300 DnD5e magic items, and gained a massive following for it! His own setting, The Sea of Starlight is on World Anvil and exclusive areas can be accessed via his Patreon. As well as illustrating and writing DnD 5e content, Tim is a university professor, teaching concept development and design.

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