The Summer Camp 2021 Awards Ceremony is almost here, and we’d love it if you were there too! The ceremony will take place on the 18th of September at 11am Pacific (7pm UK time) on our Twitch channel. There will be the prize draw, raffles galore, and much more! Don’t miss it!

What’s the Summer Camp 2021 Awards Ceremony?

After our big events of the year, Summer Camp and WorldEmber, we always have a special stream where we celebrate the amazing worldbuilding our community (that’s YOU!) has created. This is what you can expect to happen on the stream:

  • Tons of raffles from our sponsors! They are Norse Foundry, Kobold Press, and Eldritch Foundry —so expect shiny dice, amazing books, and beautiful minis!
  • All the winners! This includes the prize draw among those who won a badge (any badge!), the community vote results, and the community-sponsored prompts.
  • Voice of the People! Let your voice be heard, or hear what your fellow community members have to say! Want to take part? Read the details here!
  • Beautiful people! You are, of course, beautiful. But we also have a special event with this name!

So, remember, this will all happen on the 18th of September at 11am Pacific / 7pm UK!

Beautiful people

Beautiful people badge

That’s the fancy badge you’ll get if you take part!

In our special streams, we like to celebrate our beautiful community! The event is simple: take a picture of yourself following the given theme, and send it to a dedicated Discord channel. You’ll be featured on stream and you’ll get a fancy badge in your World Anvil profile too! Janet and Dimitris will also pick their favorite costume! Check out this blog post for a more detailed run-down of how this event works.

This year’s theme is Last Days of Summer! Any kind of picture that you think might fit this theme is allowed —a Discord channel to send these pictures will open 3 days before the ceremony, so make sure you join it if you haven’t already! Here’s a handy guide to the Discord server if you haven’t used it before.

Remember to save the date for the 18th of September at 11am Pacific/7pm UK! And make sure you fill in the community vote and Summer Camp feedback so that next year’s Summer Camp is even more amazing!