What – there’s a Worldbuilding Summer Camp SONG?! Yup, we opened this year’s Summer Camp 2021 with our new Summer Camp song. You might recognise the music form the Jazz Standard (and opera aria!) Summer Time by Gershwin, but with our own Summer Camp specific words! And now here are the lyrics for you to sing yourself!

If you want to, why not give it a go on your live stream, your discord audio channel, or even just in your living room? We’ll also be asking for sing-along videos for Summer Camp Voice of the People! If you want to take part, make sure you’re subscribed to this blog so you don’t miss the Voice of the People instructions when they come out! 🙂

The Worldbuilding Summer Camp song text

Here are the words we used!

SummerCamp and the writing is easy,

Words are flowing, inspiration is high

Oh, I’ve got my prompts, and I’m going for diamond

So grab your hammer, it’s time to worldbuild!


Some folks are saying that’s it’s copper or rust, now

Other’s shooting for that silver shine,

If you want gold, (don’t fold, don’t fold)

Then there’s nothing can stop you,

Just grab your hammer, it’s time to worldbuild!

Time to worldbuild!


The Worldbuilding Summer Camp song backing track!

This is the backing track that I used on the opening stream of Summer Camp 2021. It’s pretty simple and the entry for the first verse is at 0:25 seconds. If you want to download it, I recommed 4K video downloader. This will also be the backing track we’ll be using for the Voice of the People videos, so if you want to practise, use this one!


Wanna share your versions with us? Why not throw a link to a video of you singing into the comments! Or learn more about the latest Summer Camp challenge here!