If you’re looking for new DnD character ideas, you’ve come to the right place! These 5 tips from our friends at Eldritch Foundry are sure to turn your ideas into well-rounded and fun characters! Read this article, then pull up your favorite DnD character creator to apply what you’ve learned!

1. Consider your class and race

These are two elements that give a lot of information about the place your character has in the world. For example, in a typical DnD world, an Aasimar will probably be met with reverence. Meanwhile, a Tiefling might instead be surrounded by an aura of fear. This, of course, depends on the world you’re playing in, so make sure to talk with your Game Master! So, think about how the character reacts to other people’s reactions too, and make sure to integrate them into the backstory. They will have a big influence on who your character is, and can give a lot of information about the character’s personality too.

2. Create a kickass image and mini for your DnD character ideas

Warrior DnD character idea from Eldritch Foundry

Want a badass character? Eldritch Foundry’s got a badass character creator!

Wait, so soon? Yes! An image is worth a thousand words, so turning your DnD character idea into an image or mini will probably give you tons of new ideas! And something as simple as a posture or a weapon can inspire you to create quirks, personality traits and values. For example, if they’re crouching, maybe they’re a stealthy or cowardly character. Or if they have a bow rather than a sword, maybe they’d rather keep their distance than get too close to their enemies. Then of course you can put it into World Anvil and follow the prompts in the character template to create a detailed, epic dnd character for your campaign.

Eldritch Foundry is an amazing web site to visualize your character ideas! You can choose from a ton of difference species, body types (with sliders), clothing, items, pose, and more. So make sure to check them out and start creating your character! And if you like the result, you can get a mini too!

3. Use a random generator for more DnD character ideas

Sometimes finding inspiration for a character can be difficult. There are several kinds of tools you can use to get those creative juices flowing, and random generators are one of them! They’re wonderful for sparking interesting combinations you might not have thought of. For example, if you’re not sure what the motivations for your character should be, this random NPC generator created by Lengna could come in handy!

4. Ask your GM about the world

Samurai DnD character ideas from Eldritch Foundry

Shiny magic effects? Check! Fancy samurai armor? CHECK!

I promise they won’t mind —in fact, they’ll probably be thrilled to talk to you about their world! For example, if the GM tells you about an order of knights, maybe your character wants to join them. Or maybe they’re on the run from a dictatorial city state? This is the kind of information that you can work into your character’s backstory to make your character feel more authentic. Plus, it’ll also give you allies, enemies, and all that good conflict that can turn a simple walk through the city into an adventure!

5. Give them a good flaw!

I’m not talking about flaw which will break the party, but flaws are important, and even loveable, and essential for any compelling character! After all, Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t be the character we know and love without his arrogance and contempt, and the Hulk is nothing without his temper! And good GMs may even reward you with inspiration points, or by helping you move the plot forward, for playing your flaws correctly. So it’s a win-win!

Go check out Eldritch Foundry to create amazing minis for your character! And for more tips on character creation, check out the videos below!