June is Audiobook Month, so we put together a list of our favorite audiobooks from the community! They’re all written by World Anvil sages —and in some cases, narrated too!

Prelude to a Hero by Jaime Buckley

Prelude of a Hero is one of the audiobooks from our community

Come on, you can’t say no to a smiling face like this!

Nerd. Introvert. Punching bag. Hero?

Wendell is a typical teen—misunderstood, ignored, and bursting with potential no one notices. His biggest dreams are for a decent job, a hot car, and a girlfriend, but he’ll settle for two out of three.

And then the Universe noticed him.

Kidnapped to the other end of the galaxy, Wendell is now expected to take up the mantle of a legendary hero and defeat the world’s greatest enemy… who openly defied the last champion.

Dark Lord Mahan.

Screams and cringing aside, Wendell just might be the hero they never knew they wanted.

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Audiobooks by E. Christopher Clark

The Piano of Death by E. Christopher Clark

She struggles with regret and secrets. Forced to relive her past, can she rewrite her future?

E. Christopher Clark is a suburban fantasy author in which regular people travel through time and confront the ghosts of their pasts. And he has three amazing audiobooks full of drama, mysteries, and complex characters!

The Piano of Death

Veronica Silver’s life feels like an endless list of “what ifs?” Pregnant at sixteen, her strict father shoved her into a loveless marriage far away from the woman she truly loved. But her conflicted mind is in for a reboot when a piano falls out of the sky and triggers a harrowing journey down memory lane.

Reviewing her actions with the help of a mysterious figure strikingly resembling her dad, she finds herself on trial over her fateful decisions. But as she relives each scene with fresh eyes, she may trigger a chain reaction that could threaten her beloved daughter and uproot their entire family tree.

Can Veronica rise above a lifetime of mistakes and forge a bright new world?

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The Boot of Destiny

The boot of destiny by E. Christopher Clark

She loved him as a father. When he breaks her heart, she’ll raise his darkest specters…

High-school valedictorian Tracy Silver embraced her uncle as the dad she never had. But her perfect image of him shattered when she caught the married man with a half-naked stripper. Now he’s back in town, and she’s determined to render justice with a magical potion.

With the supernatural elixir running through the man’s veins, Tracy presents his memories as evidence in a mystical courtroom. But though she defies him to confirm he’s not like every other man, her righteousness is shaken with the revelation of his dark and shocking secrets.

Can Tracy prove her uncle’s betrayal was real, or will she uncover a deeper truth?

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The Chains of Desire

The Chains of Desire by E. Christopher Clark

She’s going to be famous. Her dreams are within reach. And if it all comes to pass, she will be murdered…

Boston, Massachusetts, 1990. Music is the one sure thing twelve-year-old Robin Gates has in her life. Though she’s disgusted by the looks she gets from grown male patrons, playing guitar and singing in her mother’s strange bar provides a path to her envisioned future. Until she reads a newspaper from 2006 that contains her obituary…

1998. As a kid, Ashley Silver saw how her family’s artistic efforts brought only despair and poverty. Now eighteen, she refuses to accept that fate and embarks on a lucrative career as an exotic dancer. But despite her misgivings about Robin’s ambition to become a rock star, Ashley can’t help but fall hard for her childhood friend.

Destined to die in her true love’s arms, Robin desperately seeks any means to change her fortune and protect her girlfriend from the doomed truth. But Ashley knows her partner is keeping some dark secret, and it threatens to tear them apart forever.

Is Robin’s death truly predetermined, or can the troubled couple force a happily-ever-after?

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Audiobooks by Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Laura VanArendonk Baugh is an award-winning epic, historical, and urban fantasy author —and she’s got a bunch of audiobooks ready for you! Using the code WORLDANVIL will get you a discount in all of her audio books, and she recommends these ones:

The Songweaver’s Vow

The Songweaver's Vow by Amy Winters-Voss is an amazing addition to your audiobooks collection!

She tells Greek myths to entertain Norse gods—until one of her stories leads to murder.

She tells Greek legends to entertain Norse gods—until one of her stories leads to murder.

When Euthalia’s father trades her to Viking raiders, her best hope is to be made a wife instead of a slave. She gets her wish—sort of—when she is sacrificed as a bride to a god.

Her inhuman husband seems kind, but he visits only in the dark of night and will not allow her to look upon him. By day Euthalia becomes known as a storyteller, spinning ancient Greek tales to entertain Asgard’s gods and monsters.

When one of her stories precipitates a god’s murder and horrific retribution, Euthalia discovers there is a monster in her bed as well. Alone in a hostile Asgard, Euthalia must ally with a spiteful goddess to sway Odin himself before bloody tragedy opens Ragnarok, the prophesied end of the world.

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Shard & Shield

Shard & Shield by Laura VanArendonk Baugh is one of her amazing audiobooks!

He can save her life—if he sacrifices those he swore to protect.

King’s bastard Shianan Becknam buries himself in his military career to avoid the dangers of drawing political attention. When the artifact intended to end an interdimensional war is damaged, the mage Ariana is trapped on the other side of the rift with her servant—only the cheery young boy is really one of the monstrous enemy, disguised as a human. Shianan is desperate to rescue Ariana, one of his few friends, but to do so requires committing treason and betraying his duty, leaving his people open to attack.

State mage Ariana struggles to survive as a prisoner of war in a world of deadly magic and unfamiliar customs. Her only ally is her former servant, once again a renowned warrior caught up in political machinations. To survive, he’ll have to take up the fight against Ariana’s world.

As their people’s wasted armies prepare for fresh battle that will devastate both sides, bastard, mage, and monster must set aside prejudices and rivalries to find an end to centuries of conflict, before they die as traitors.

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Free Audiobooks by Amy Winters-Voss

Amy Winters-Voss writes urban fantasy set in Japan, and she recently published her first novel, Rise: The Liminal Chronicles. She’s published a couple of audiobooks for her short stories on World Anvil, and they’re free to read!

Chou becomes Ohno-chan’s Pet

A fun little story about a small monstrous blob becoming Ohno-chan’s pet!

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Case of the Missing Dragon of Nonogawa

When charred encoded pages mysteriously appear, do you really want to know what they contain?

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We have such a creative community, don’t we? Go get some audiobooks from these amazing beans! And if you’re a writer and want to get started with World Anvil, make sure you create a free account now!