Are you looking to get new DnD dice? Of course you are! Why am I even asking? Well, our friends at Norse Foundry are here for you! And if you’re looking for reasons to justify your very healthy dice addiction, we’ve got your back too!

1. Your DnD dice are your characters’ souls…

Bronzite and orange imperial jasper dice from Norse Foundry

Whoops, looks like a warlock dropped their bronzite dice!

Well, that got dark quickly. But hear me out! Have you ever noticed how certain dice fit some characters better than others? Well, it’s not by chance! The edgy rogue will probably have dark dice with unreadable patterns, and the berserk barbarian will get one of those crude bone-looking sets. Using specific dice for different characters is a great way to make your rolls stand out! And maybe their soul really is trapped in those dice —who knows?!

2. You’re a respectable collector

That’s totally an adult thing that adult people do when adulting. Right? You just happen to be into DnD dice collecting, nothing wrong with that. You’re not a dice goblin, you’re a dice collector. Indubitably. Or jazhgh, as we say in Goblinese. I mean, in collector’s jargon, of course, what a thing to say!

3. You don’t have that dice set!

Amethyst DnD dice from Norse Foundry

Those are real amethyst dice! If those aren’t hoard-worthy, I don’t know what is!

Sure, you have one that glows in the dark, one the lights up, you may even have metal dice. But do you have amethyst dice?! Well, maybe you do! So what about rainbowy-looking metal dice?! Ok, I’ll stop (or maybe not) but the point is, there are SO MANY DICE! And, as the dice goblins we are, we must collect them all! Like, look at all the shinies in this post! And they’re all from Norse Foundry!

4. You hoard DnD dice because you’re generous!

Trust me, it’s true! Think about it this way: what if someone does the unthinkable and forgets their dice? Hell, what if EVERYONE forgets their dice? That could be the end of us! Well, lucky them, you’ve got their backs with your never-ending dice hoard. Because you’re more like a dice PALADIN than a dice goblin, really. I guess you can be a dice goblin paladin, that works too. But go get those dice!

Zinc alloy DnD dice from Norse Foundry

Did I just fall in love with a bunch of zinc? Uh-oh, I think I did!

5. They’re the best decoration!

I mean, have you seen them? Those beautiful shiny math rocks are just so pleasing to the eye (even if you don’t like math)! So of course you need to pimp your crib and make everything look beautiful! At least that’s what you tell yourself as you lie on a bed of dice like Smaug on his hoard. Just watch out for the d4s, those things are sharper than caltrops!

Were these reasons enough for you? Because they certainly were for me! Check out Norse Foundry for the coolest DnD dice to satisfy your inner dice goblin!